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Download Malware Scanner: Understanding the importance of malware scanning

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How Spyware Works on the Computer

It is important to download malware scanner because malware often pretends as a genuine file in the hard drive folders. By camouflaging as a genuine exe file, it hides in plain sight. But if you download malware scanner, it will deep scan the hard drive to detect any malware lurking in different folders.

One sure sign of spyware on the computer is the annoying pop-ups. Adware is spyware that generates random pop ups that redirect the user to malicious websites. It is
also used to collect information about the user’s browsing activities, the information is sold to advertisers for marketing purposes. If the computer doesn’t have the
best anti spyware protection, the malicious website can install more malware such as trojan, ransomware, virus, and worm on the computer through a

Another sign of spyware on the computer is weird add-ons on the web browser toolbar. The malicious add-ons are used to track the user’s online searches and
transmit the information to a C&C server or Command and Control Server that is controlled by the hacker. If you notice a suspicious add-on, uninstall it. It could be


A mobile spyware records phone calls, tracks SMS, and browsing history. It is often installed through an infected mobile app. So a smartphone without the best spyware protection, will easily fall victim to a spyware attack.

Just recently, Trend Micro discovered a spyware called ANDROIDOS_MOBSTSPY in some Google Play apps. It gains direct access to the SMS and call history of the phone. Once the information is collected, ANDROIDOS_MOBSTSPY transmits it to the hacker using the Firebase Cloud Messaging. The infected apps include Flappy Birr Dog, FlashLight, HZPermis Pro Arabe, Win7imulator, Win7Launcher, and Flappy Bird. The said apps already had over 100,000 downloads from different countries. To prevent malicious Android apps from infecting your device, the phone must have the best spyware protection.

Although iOS devices can rarely get infected with spyware, it is not exempted from a spyware attack. In August, Citizen Lab discovered a sophisticated spyware called Pegasus that exploited vulnerabilities on iOS devices. Once installed, Pegasus spyware modifies the restrictions set by Apple allowing the hacker to record phones calls and steal sensitive information without being exposed.

Protecting your mobile device with the best spyware protection is important because spyware is stealthy. It can lie undetected for a long time.

Download Malware Scanner


If you download malware scanner now, your computer will receive immediate malware protection.
For a personal computer, you will have the following benefits if you download malware scanner:

1. Verify If The URL is Safe

Backdoor enables hackers to gain unauthorized access to the computer. Through some social engineering strategies, backdoor lowers the computer security and gains administrator privileges allowing hackers to manipulate and control the computer without restrictions. If you don’t download malware scanner, your computer will be at risk of unauthorized access. The second on the list is one of the effects of backdoor access.

2. Scan The Application

A backdoor infected computer is also at risk of a zombie attack. A zombie attack is when a computer becomes part of a botnet. A huge network of zombie computers controlled by hackers through the main server. Some computers have been part of a botnet without the users’ knowledge. The computer is used to conduct malware attacks and cyber crimes. They send spam or mine cryptocurrencies for the hackers. If you notice that you’ve been sending out spam, it is a sign that your computer is part of a botnet. Download malware scanner to get rid of malware.

3. Install Anti Malware

If you don’t download malware scanner, your personal information is at risk of getting stolen. Malware is specifically designed to steal credentials such as username and password. Once the information falls in the hand of the hacker, it is used for monetary gain. Hackers use the stolen information to make unauthorized transactions. They also sell the information to advertising companies for marketing purposes.

If you download malware scanner now, your computer will receive immediate malware protection. For a personal computer, you will have the following benefits if you download malware scanner:

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