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If ransomware infected your computer, the type of ransomware that got the files encrypted can be identified by the extension added to the filename. Below are some of the latest ransomware extensions:

Ransomware Extension List

Ransomware Extension List

  • .Krab Provide
    The first in the ransomware extension list. .Krab extension is appended by the new variant of Scarab Ransomware called Krab.
  • -email-[email_address].AZER Provide
    One of the longest in the ransomware extension list. Azer crypto-virus adds this extension to the filename once the encryption process is complete.
  • .zzzzzzzz Provide
    Another Scarab variant adds .zzzzzzzz extension to the encrypted files.
  • .f41o1 Provide
    Got the 4th spot in the ransomware extension list. This extension is added by Globe Imposter ransomware.
  • .ppam Provide
    Extension of the new GlobeImposter2 variant.
  • .mdk4y Provide
    It is added by the newly discovered ransomware, Mdk4y.
  • .data Provide
    The extension the new French Jigsaw Ransomware variant is responsible for.
  • .GRHAN Provide
    The new Matrix Ransomware variant is responsible for the .GRHAN extension.
  • TrumpHead.exe Provide
    Added by the newly discovered TrumpHeard ransomware.
  • .tfude, .pdff, and .tro Provide
    All extensions are added by the Djvu ransomware.
  • .#
    <email># id #
    <id> Provide

    An extension Striked Ransomware appends at the end of the file name.
  • .israbye Provide
    Appends by Israbye ransomware.
  • _%ID%_{admin@prt-decrypt.xyz}.xyz Provide
    The longest extension in the ransomware extension list. It is added by the new variant of New Paradise ransomware.
  • .obfuscated Provide
    Obfuscated ransomware adds this to the filename before it drops a ransom note entitled Read Me.txt.
  • .cRh8, .3P7m, .aRpt, .eQTz, or .3RNu Provide
    Mischa Ransomware adds five extensions to the ransomware extension list.
  • .666 Provide
    Added by the BlackSheep Ransomware.
  • .777 Provide
    This extension is Ninja’s ransomware.
  • .aes Provide
    Added by the 7Zip Ransomware
  • .xcry7684 Provide
    Appended by Xcry.
  • .venom Provide
    The new Jigsaw Ransomware variant, Oscar.
  • .Cerber2 Provide
    Belongs to the Cerber 2 Ransomware.
  • .gif Provide
    the extension of the new GIF Dharma variant.
  • .HakunaMatata Provide
    Belongs to the Hakunamatata Ransomware
  • .locked Provide
    A new BitPaymer ransomware variant adds .locked extension to the encrypted files.
  • .ENCRYPTED. Provide
    An extension of the Apocalypse ransomware.
  • .James Provide
    It elongs to the new James ransomware.
  • .MRCR1, .RARE1 or .PEGS1 Provide
    A holiday spoiler ransomware called Merry Christmas adds three extensions to the ransomware extension list.
  • .REVENGE Provide
    Aadded by the vengeful Revenge ransomware.
  • .SUPERCRYPT Provide
    The extension to the file name before SuperCrypt Ransomware drops a ransom note.
  • .TheTrumpLockerf or .TheTrumpLockerp. Provide
    It belongs to TrumpLocker ransomware that displays the image of Donald Trump once the files have been encrypted.

If you find the extension you are looking for in the ransomware extension list, look for a decryptor to recover your files. Try alternative solutions instead
of paying the ransom that never guarantees a file recover.

Since ransomware attack is difficult to deal with, it is important to avoid falling victim to ransomware. Never wait until ransomware infects the computer. Apply the

RANSOMWARE EXTENSION LIST: Following Preventive Measures

1. Update the Software

The reason software developers release software update is to fix an existing issue with the application, that includes bugs and system vulnerabilities.
Hackers can exploit these system vulnerabilities to inject ransomware. So it is important to keep the software updated. Patch management is a tool that
automatically downloads the latest version of the software online.

2. Install an Anti Malware Software

An anti malware software keeps varieties of threats from the computer. A computer without an anti malware software is a like an unarmed soldier. The Internet
is where all types of threats are lurking, so if you don’t have an anti malware installed on the computer, you will easily fall victim to a malware

In choosing an anti malware software, go for a reputable security software that can beat varieties of malware. Malware is constantly evolving, particularly
ransomware. But a reliable security software can keep you safe.

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