Advanced Ransomware Examples

20 Oct, 2022 595 Views
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Ransomware Examples Xcitium AEP’s Rendered Useless

Xcitium has been fighting various types of ransomware that’s been affecting countless users. Using the combination of advanced malware detection tools and techniques ransomware is rendered useless.

It uses different machine learning technologies, static and dynamic analysis, and various malware removal tools to instantly defeat ransomware and delete it without any trace. Below are some of the most dangerous ransomware examples that Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection targets.

Most Advanced Ransomware Examples

1. Cryptolocker

Cryptolocker is one of the ransomware examples that Xcitium targets. Xcitium has a unique feature that automatically protects the user from cryptolocker if it reaches the computer. The changes made by cryptolocker are reversed real time and it’s deleted by the ransomware removal tool.

2. Locker Ransomware

Locker is another one of the ransomware examples that Xcitium has already taken care of. Locker is similar with cryptolocker. If cryptolocker encrypts the files, lockers ransomware locks the files to deny access to the user and demands $50 to restore the files.

It usually targets Word, text, and PDF files. Once the files are infected, the user can no longer access it. Fortunately, Xcitium has the best defense against this type of ransomware! Auto Containment automatically replicates the hard drive to protect the files from getting locked. Ransomware may think that it’s successfully locked the files, but with Auto Containment the user can still access them.

3. Bad Rabbit

Xcitium has already beaten Bad Rabbit with its advanced antivirus with multiple scanners and malware detection tools. Bad Rabbit is a type of ransomware that pretends to be a legitimate Adobe Flash player update. When the user visits a specific website, it interrupts by flashing that a new version of Adobe is available. When the user clicks the bait, that’s when it’s gets installed.

Bad Rabbit is a dangerous malware because it encrypts not just the files but also the computer’s hard disk. It also prevents Windows from booting normally. The good news is that Xcitium has a powerful antivirus that instantly detects any type of malicious software. It uses multiple detectors and recognizers that quickly recognize malicious files and blocks it before it even reaches the computer.Comodo provides an instant protection against Ransomware.

4. Goldeneye

Gone are days when Goldeneye used to frighten the Human Resource Department. Xcitium creates multiple security layers that are designed to keep malware out of the entire network. Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Security includes a strong firewall protection that constantly monitors the files entering the network.

Since Goldeneye is designed to destroy important data, it must be prevented from invading the network. Xcitium secures all the devices connected to the network to avoid malware infection.

5. Zcryptor

Xcitium has the best defense against Zcryptor – a self-replicating malware that infects the computer and the USB drive. Zcryptor is spread through spam or deceptive software installer. Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Security can instantly detect any malicious files hidden in an infected program.

With its first layer of defense, the antivirus, the user is notified if the program or email contains harmful files. If the user decides to run the file, malware, threats, viruses is immediately contained and removed.

6. Jigsaw

Jigsaw is another one of those ransomware examples that’s already rendered useless by Xcitium AdvancEd Endpoint Protection. Jigsaw is capable of encrypting and deleting files. It encrypts the files first and deletes it after an hour if the user fails to pay the ransom.

Xcitium has the ability to protect your files and reverse the damage the malware has done. With Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Security you never have to worry about losing your files because it provides real time protection for your personal data against ransomware.

7. LeChiffre


LeChiffre can never infect your personal or business network if you have Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection. LeChiffre is used to attack vulnerable networks to install more malware and viruses on the computers.

Xcitium has multiple layers of security that protects your network against this ransomware. In case one of the devices connected to the network becomes vulnerable to malware, the information is transmitted remotely to block the malware on other devices immediately.


8. Petya


Is another of those dangerous ransomware examples that can destroy the operating system by overwriting the original data. Petya infects the entire computer system. But with Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection, your computer system is safe.

Xcitium contains an advanced prevention system that monitors the registry keys and the computer memory. It ensures that no malicious file is consuming the computer memory.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Security already contains all the information there is about malware making it the best defense against ransomware attacks. A new malware that is yet be discovered will be instantly recognized through the combination of advanced malware detection tools and techniques.

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