Why Advanced Anti Malware Detection Tools are Important

21 Oct, 2022 996 Views
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Malware finds its way to the computer with one primary objective; stay hidden until the goal is accomplished. Find out how malware enters the computer without being exposed.

Anti Malware Detection Tools

How Anti Malware Detection Tools Gets Into the Computer Easily

1. Phishing Email

A phishing email is an email that will never be suspected as fake. It may pretend as an email from a boss, FBI, or a friend. Regardless of how phishing emails are disguised as – they have one thing in common; they create a sense of urgency. A phishing email encourages the reader to act promptly otherwise it’s a loss.

A phishing mail frequently contains an infected file that once downloaded, spreads malware. A few phishing emails do need not an connection anymore due to the proliferation of fileless anti malware detection. The user as it were must open the mail and anti malware detection gain direct access to the computer. This is called a drive-by-download or unintentional download. But a good anti malware detection instrument will be able to recognize a drive-by-download.

2. Fake Software

Fake software conceals the malware. Often presented as a genuine flash player update, video player, or game app, fake software tricks the user into downloading it. Trojan is one example of malware that pretends to be legitimate software. Once the user installs the software, malware gets installed. Fake software is one of the leading causes of malware infections. Many users download free apps without questioning. If the computer doesn’t have good anti malware detection tools, it will lead to a malware infection.

3. Phishing Links

A phishing link is an infected URL that redirects the user to a fake website containing malware. It often disguises as a good source of information so that users will be tempted to click on it. Once the user clicks on the link, the malicious website installs malware through a drive-by-download. So malware gets installed on the computer without the user’s awareness. But if the computer is protected with good anti malware detection tools, this malicious activity will be instantly identified.

Why Anti Malware Detection Tools Needs to be Detected Immediately

Malware may cause irreversible damage to the computer. Worse it may lead to loss of important data or reinstallation of the operating system. There are certain types of malware that require an operating system reinstallation to get removed. So it is important for the anti malware detection tools to identify and block malware in no time. Some examples of sophisticated malware are a rootkit, VBScript, and Powershell. These types of malware gain direct access to the computer memory, delete themselves, leaving a little trace of their execution.

To prevent this advanced malware from infecting the computer, advanced malware protection is essential So what anti malware software has advanced malware detection tools that can identify malware in no time?

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection deals with malware efficiently. We know the value of information, losing it greatly impacts the business and job-related activities. So we make sure that the computer and network are protected with multi-layered security software designed to combat new age threats.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is central security software that protects the endpoint devices. It is installed on the main server to monitor all the devices connected to the network such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, desktops, and other IoT devices. Through RMM or Remote Monitoring Management, threat reports are easily transmitted to the endpoint devices for immediate protection.

It renders zero-day threat by deploying an auto-containment technology that is built on Default-Deny against unverified files. No untrusted file is permitted to run on the computer unless it’s confirmed safe. Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection also has HIPS or Host Intrusion Prevention System that takes care of fileless malware attacks. So when fileless malware reaches the computer through a drive-by-download, the anti malware detection tool, HIPS, combat it to prevent it from accessing the computer memory and registry.

Protecting the entire network is crucial because a malware attack can originate even from a small network vulnerability. That’s why Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is equipped with a class packet filtering firewall that protects the network against inbound and outbound threats. By monitoring the data transmitted from and to the endpoint devices, malware activities are instantly prevented.

Never invest in inefficient security software. Malware must be detected promptly by the against malware detection tools to prevent it from damaging the computer and network. Download Xcitium Progressed Endpoint Protection now for immediate malware protection.

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