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Xcitium Email Security Certificates

Electronic communication is fast and efficient, but increasingly vulnerable to compromise. Xcitium email certificates are a proven way to secure all email communications in your organization. By digitally signing and encrypting every email message and email certificate, your business can ensure:

  • Private Communications – Encrypting an email certificates ensures that the message and attachments can only be read by the intended recipients.
  • Authenticated Communications – Digitally signed email certificates allow message recipients to conclusively verify the identity of the sender of the mail.
  • Message Integrity – Digitally signed email certificates messages cannot be modified en-route through the internet without the recipient being alerted to the modification.

Email Certificates:

Backed by Xcitium CA’s long-standing expertise in PKI infrastructures, Xcitium corporate mail certificates are simple to send, simple to utilize, and make it simple to achieve significant security and cost benefits

  • Fully trusted and compatible with all major email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird etc.
  • Encrypt email communications with up to 256 bit security
  • Digitally signed emails to guarantee message integrity and authenticity
  • Easy setup and immediate issuance using xcitium certificate management systems
  • Huge discounts available to enterprises for bulk purchases

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