Secure Web Platform

Secure Web Platform
20 Oct, 2022 2040 Views
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Cloud-Delivered Secure Web Platform

Xcitium Dome is a revolutionary Cloud Delivered Secure Web Platform that is delivered as a Security as a-Service (SaaS) solution that provides fully comprehensive web content security and control, regardless of user xcitium dome secure, device or location, and scans all inbound and outbound traffic in real time xcitium dome secure to ensure protection from the latest threats as well as strict compliance with corporate policies xcitium dome secure.

Rethink Your Security and Network Architecture

The Xcitium Dome Cloud Security Platform is completely modular and acts as a highly progressed series Xcitium dome secure of security check posts encompassing Advanced Threat Protection, Web Security, portable containment Xcitium dome secure, Sandboxing, Antispam, DLP, Next Era Firewall, and Bandwidth management. Simply select the modules you require nowadays, and seamlessly add new ones within the future Xcitium dome secure.

Secure Web Platform

Distributed Protection for the Cloud Era

Xcitium Dome protection nodes are available in more than 140 countries around the world – so that you can effortlessly secure all of your users, offices, stores, and even the smallest remote locations, all without the overhead of physical appliances. At the same time, you can also massively reduce or even totally eliminate MPLS and private network costs while slashing your hardware footprint.

Xcitium Advanced Containment

Xcitium’s unique containment technology is radically different to traditional sandbox solutions and ensures that risks are fully xcitium dome secure contained before reaching the end point so there is no risk of infection even from the newest malware. Xcitium Dome utilizes the Valkyrie file verdict platform that has the fastest file verdict capabilities in the industry and utilizes a combination of static xcitium dome secure, dynamic and advanced behavioral analysis to inspect files as they’re being downloaded. It quickly renders risk verdicts for any file – normally within 40 seconds – five times faster than our closest competitor xcitium dome secure. While Valkyrie analyzes unknown files, users are free to open, execute and use the files with ZERO risk of infection xcitium dome secure. Xcitium’s containment technology is agentless, extremely lightweight, has no CPU dependencies and is application-agnostic xcitium dome secure.

Secure, Simplify & Transform Your Security

Even an advanced web or email content filter with more than 100,000 security updates a day is still going to be hopelessly outmatched against customized malware variants. Unknown malicious files will still be allowed carte blanche access to sensitive environments in even the best default allow ecosystems. Our modular Dome Cloud Security Platform with unknown file containment and rapid verdict rendering simply makes more sense. changes.

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