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what is Trojan Horse VirusMost people don’t really know what is Trojan horse virus. They are not aware that if their PC is infected with this threat, there a lot of bad things may happen to their PC and to the important files inside it. Another issue that most people are not aware of what is Trojan horse virus is the source on how and where they could get the infection of the Trojan horse virus. Some people are just using the computer without putting importance on the security aspect. They are not mindful of some habits that may be bad for them and later could expose their computers to different kinds of attacks. They will just realize things when they were already infected and their important files have been compromised. Now, to better understand what is Trojan horse virus and how you would deal with this kind of threat. It is better to define the characteristics of what is Trojan horse virus.

Trojan Definition

A Trojan horse virus is a kind of malware that usually trick you and portray to be a legitimate software download, a game, or some software applications. Another thing that most people don’t know what is Trojan horse virus about is that it can also hide in website links, advertisements, or sometimes pop-ups. If the Trojan horse has successfully entered your computer system, it will execute a series of dangerous acts which includes taking control of your computer hardware and software part, downloading other dangerous malware into your computer, changing your personal computer settings, disabling your installed security software solution, and monitoring your activities by watching your keystrokes.

Types of Trojan Horse

In reality, Trojan horse virus is not just a single type of virus. There are different types of Trojan horse that also varies from its purpose. Below are the different types of Trojan horse virus. Backdoor-Trojan It is a kind of Trojan horse virus that gives malicious users remote access over the affected computer system. It has the capability of doing whatever it wants including sending, receiving, launching and deleting files, exposing some vital information and restarting the PC. Exploit-Trojan It is a kind of Trojan horse virus that contains data or malicious code that takes advantage of a vulnerability within the application software that your operating system has. Rootkit-Trojan It is a kind of Trojan horse virus that are designed to hide certain activities or objects on your computer. This will prevent all malicious programs being detected by any security software solution. Trojan-Banker It is a kind of Trojan horse virus that its purpose is to get your personal data for online banking systems, e-payment systems, and credit cards or debit cards. Trojan DdoS It is a kind of Trojan horse virus that its purpose is to start up the Denial of Service(DoS) attacks. It will not only affect the computer or the mobile device but also the websites. It will overload the target address by sending many requests on your computer and another computer. Trojan-Downloader It is a kind of Trojan horse virus that will download and install the latest updates of the malicious programs onto your computer including other types of Trojans, spyware, and adware. Trojan-Dropper It is a kind of Trojan horse virus that copies the activities of the installed antivirus. It is like a fake antivirus software. They are created to get money from you. It will disable the detection and threat removal capability of the software. Trojan-GameThief It is a kind of Trojan horse virus that will steal user account information from the online gamers and generate money from it. Trojan-Ransom It is a kind of Trojan horse virus that can tamper the data on the system. It could lead to a system malfunction. The cybercriminal may demand a ransom from the victim. They will only replace your data or the whole system after paying the ransom.

Protecting Your System

Protecting your system is very simple. You just have to regularly practice the security procedures and try to avoid being careless in using your computer and the Internet. As basic, you need to install a trusted antivirus and keep it always updated. Make sure to run the scan regularly or automatically. Update your operating system and other commonly used software applications. Lastly, if you are properly educated, you will get familiarize with the different social engineering techniques and avoid opening unknown email attachments.

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