Ransomware Virus

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REMOVE RANSOMWARE VIRUSRansomware virus is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.


Makers of ransomware are earning a lot of cash from ransom. According to this article by Sam Cook, a ransomware engineer earns at an average of $2500 for each incident. That is why it is important for everyone, whether for business or home users to know the techniques on ransomware removal.

Ransomware causes a lot of trouble by restricting your access from your computer and demands for a ransom fee to be paid for you to be able to regain access on your files. Through email attachments or through a browser, it can enter your computer. So, if you are the kind of person who uses emails frequently or you browse a lot using your computer, it is better to know how to remove ransomware virus just in case your computer is attacked.


First, you’ll need to identify the type of ransomware that attacked your computer.


This type of ransomware has a sophisticated encryption weapon against its victims and if you don’t know how to remove ransomware virus, it would be very difficult to deal with this type of ransomware. It denies access to the files of the victim. When it infiltrates the device, the malware silently identifies and encrypts valuable data. When the ransomware successfully accesses the target files and restricts the user, that is the time it asks for the ransom fee. If you don’t have the decryption key made by the hackers, you lose access to the encrypted files. Most often, this type of ransomware includes a time limit. Other types are asking for payments using Bitcoins or other forms of cryptocurrency.


This type of ransomware is also called computer locker. This ransomware doesn’t encrypt the files, but if you don’t know how to remove ransomware virus like this, it will deny your access from the involved device. This type of ransomware locks the device’s graphical user interface(GUI) and then it demands a ransom fee in exchange for the accessibility of the device. It allows the victim the capability to communicate with the attacker to be able to pay the ransom fee.


This type of ransomware usually portrays itself as a fake anti-virus. It could also consist of browser or Windows-style popups that appear when you have visited a compromised website. Although it is the easiest to delete, it is important to know how to remove ransomware virus of this kind. This ransomware will try to scare you and force you to click the pop-ups that will download a virus or other malware on your computer. And if you fall to do it, the attacker will try to steal your data from the computer.


Once you have identified the type of Ransomware that attacked your computer, the next step you must do is to identify how to remove ransomware virus from your computer.


It would be your great advantage if you know how to remove ransomware virus. One way of doing so is by restoring a clean backup. If you are able to secure a clean backup to another separate disk or to the cloud and you have been attacked by the ransomware, you will be able to reformat your disk and restore your clean backup. That way, you will successfully remove the ransomware virus from your computer.


Another way of removing ransomware is through the use of the decryption tools. If you were attacked by the ransomware and know how to remove ransomware virus, you will not be afraid. This decryption tool is developed by the computer programmers aimed to help victims recover their stolen data by the ransomware. This decryption tool will depend on which type of ransomware got into your computer. Apparently, not all ransomware are covered by this decryption utility. Some developers unable to make a decryption tool because the ransomware has more advanced encryption technique.


If you don’t know how to remove ransomware virus, this could be your last and most dangerous action. This option is very common for some small businesses who value their data so much. They are willing to pay the ransom just to retrieve their valuable data on the computer. Others try to negotiate and avoid to pay the demanded ransom fee. They pay the smaller amount, chances are high because all they want is money, it is better for them to get a small amount rather than nothing at all.


After determining how to remove ransomware virus on your computer, the next step to do is to avoid the incident from happening again. Preventing reinfection by the ransomware operates on the same principle as trying to avoid other viruses and malware. It is important to have a good quality of anti-virus and make sure to update your operating system always. Lastly, make sure to have a regular backup of your important files.

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