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Anti Malware Cleaner Anti malware cleaner is becoming a necessity as malware attacks keep proliferating. IoT devices need an anti malware cleaner because they are prone to malware attacks. We use our computers, smartphones, tablets, and other IoT devices to access the Internet. However, the Internet contains malicious software that may enter our devices. Without an anti malware cleaner to detect and block malicious software, valuable information stored on your devices can be compromised. Let’s take a look at more reasons why you need an advanced anti malware cleaner.


1. Malware Has Grown More Sophisticated

The first reason to download an advanced anti malware cleaner is because malware has grown more sophisticated. In the past, traditional malware was easy to detect because it relied on an executable file.

Hackers attached malware to an executable file such as fake Adobe updates, then the user needed to download and run the infected file before malware spread in the computer. A traditional malware removal tool would normally scan a new download and detect the malware attached to it. That was how malware was blocked and removed before.

Today, most malware are no longer attached to an executable file. It is part of social engineering tools and installs when the user falls victim to a social engineering attack. It loads directly on the computer memory, then its script disappears when the computer restarts. Its ability to write a script on the memory makes it invisible to a traditional malware removal tool. To detect this new age malware, an advanced anti malware cleaner is necessary.

2. A Malware Attack may Cause Irreversible Computer Damage/Data Loss

The second reason why you need an advanced anti malware cleaner is – a malware attack may cause permanent computer damage or data loss. Malware propagates in the computer. It attaches itself to legitimates files, by doing so, the original data of the file is overwritten. The source code when altered causes a program to act up. When malware overwrites the critical data of the computer or an application, it will no longer function properly. Therefore, the files associated with that application can no longer be accessed. You might be at risk of losing them permanently. To prevent data loss, remember to backup your files. Most importantly, download and install an advanced anti malware cleaner on your computer.

3. A Malware Attack May Cause Unauthorized Transactions

The third and last reason why you need an advanced anti malware cleaner is because a malware attack may cause unauthorized transactions. Malware can steal personal information through many ways. The first method is via backdoor access. It is a tool allowing a hacker to take over the computer secretly, then he can have access to sensitive information and credentials.

The second method is by monitoring your computer activities. Malware can record keystrokes and your browsing activities to steal personal information. Then it transmits the collected information to a remote server controlled by a hacker.

The third and last method is by generating a fake website. Malware can redirect a user to a fake login page to steal passwords. The information entered is uploaded on the hacker’s database. The stolen information can be used to make transactions without your knowledge.

To prevent malware attacks, download an advanced anti malware cleaner such as Xcitium Anti Malware. It protects your personal computer against varieties of threats. It uses advanced behavioral monitoring tools and cloud-based Antivirus. It also has a cloud-based verdict platform and sandbox technologies. Try it now for free.

For a business network, Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is recommended. It consists of s multi-layered security suite that secures the network and endpoint devices. Its features include:


  • Detects ransomware in no time
  • Prevents drive-by-downloads attacks
  • Prevents spear phishing
  • Auto-contains untrusted files
  • Built upon Default Deny

Host Intrusion Prevention System

  • Prevents fileless malware attacks
  • Monitors the computer memory and registry
  • Prevents keylogger
  • Monitors the hard drive against direct access


  • Prevents spear phishing attacks
  • Monitors data transmission
  • Filters network traffic
  • Monitors the active applications on endpoint devices


  • Advanced Behavioral Monitoring Tool
  • Recognizes behavioral patterns in no time
  • Detects Polymorphic malware

Cloud-Based Antivirus

  • Protects endpoints against the latest threats with advanced malware removal tools
  • Cleans the registry of malware infections
  • Provides real-time protection


  • A cloud-based database that uses static and dynamic analysis to determine if the file is malicious
  • Provides a verdict in 40 seconds

A multi-layered anti malware cleaner prevents malware infections and data loss. If your network and endpoints are protected by an advanced anti malware cleaner, then your business will be safe from malware attacks. Contact us now for a live demo or download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection here.


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