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Data and identity thefts are becoming rampant as hackers keep spreading keyloggers to steal personal information. How can an anti keylogger prevent this serious problem from proliferating?


An anti keylogger is a program designed to detect any sign of a keylogger on the computer. It prevents the keys you type from getting captured. With an anti keylogger, your username and password are safe from a keylogger.

Having said all that, let’s now discuss how does an anti keylogger work to better understand how it prevents a keylogger infection.


To detect and remove a keylogger from the computer, anti keylogger software combines different tools.

Signature-Based Detection

Anti keylogger software uses Signature-Based Detection to identify a keylogger. Signature-Based Detection collects the signature of a file that enters the computer. If the file code matches any of the signatures stored in the database, it is a flagged as a threat. The database provides the complete details of the threat. You’ll know what type of threat intrudes your computer.

Behavioral Monitoring

Malware have grown more sophisticated over the years. Which means that some malware can change their signature to get past Signature-Based Detection. So cybersecurity firms developed Behavioral Monitoring. This is to detect malware that can mutate their signatures to evade detection.

Behavioral Monitoring also referred to as Heuristics, constantly monitors a suspicious file. Behavioral Monitoring can easily identify harmful behavioral patterns. If a file shows any malicious behavior, it is contained within a sandbox.

If a keylogger attempts to gain direct access to the keyboard, Behavioral Monitoring will detect and block it. Thus, prevents a keylogger from recording the exact characters you type.


A sandbox is a protected space within the computer where malicious files are contained. Inside the sandbox, a shadow copy of the hard drive is created to monitor the file’s behavior. If a keylogger attempts to track and record keystrokes, it is destroyed within the sandbox.

That’s how anti keylogger software prevent keylogger attacks. If you want to protect yourself against keyloggers, you need to install the best keylogger detector on your computer. There are many anti keylogger software available out there. But for a personal computer, Xcitium Antivirus is highly recommended.

Xcitium Antivirus detects keyloggers, trojan, rootkit, and other data-stealing malware in no time. It is equipped with a cloud-base scanner, auto-sandboxing technologies, and malware protection. Download it now for free.


If you own a business network, you have endpoint devices. These endpoint devices are susceptible to keylogger infections if left unprotected. Your endpoint devices contain valuable and confidential information. If the information gets compromised, it may lead to unwanted circumstances that may include losing your company’s reputation. To prevent that, protect your endpoint devices a trusted anti malware software with advanced endpoint protection.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is a central security solution that has been protecting more than 85 million endpoint devices worldwide. Almost 600,000 business clients trust Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection.


Default Deny Security

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is built upon Default Deny. The other security solutions are built upon Default Allow. What is the difference?

Default Deny – automatically contains untrusted files when it reaches the computer. It releases the file if it’s confirmed safe. It destroys the file if it’s harmful.

Default Allow – allows an untrusted file to access the hard drive. It contains the file later if it shows any harmful behavior. Thus, leaves a window open for a malware infection.

Spear Phishing Protection

One of the notable features of the best keylogger detector is probably spear phishing protection. Spear phishing is the number one cause of malware infections. Statistics show that 92 percent of malware were distributed by spear phishing.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint is equipped with spear phishing protection. It prevents spear phishing attacks on your endpoint devices.

Fileless Malware Defense

Another notable feature of the best keylogger detector is a fileless malware defense. There are different types of keyloggers. One of them is Kernel-Based keylogger. This keylogger has rootkit functionalities that enable it to operate directly from the kernel of the operating system. Once it infects the kernel of the computer, it becomes almost impossible to detect and remove.

With Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection, the kernel of your operating system is protected. It monitors the critical parts of the computer such RAM and registry against a fileless malware attack. You are assured that your endpoint devices are safe from fileless malware.

A keylogger is a serious threat to your business. You need to protect your sensitive data with a reputable anti keylogger. This keeps the company’s information stored on endpoint devices safe from getting stolen.

Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today for complete protection against keyloggers. You can contact us here to schedule a live demo.

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