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An advanced keylogger is very difficult to detect because of its unique ability to reside in the kernel of the operating system. If you want to protect yourself from an advanced keylogger, you need effective anti keylogging tools.

Enterprise Xcitium Advanced Keylogger


  1. Kernel-Based Keylogger
  2. Memory-Injection-Based Keylogger
  3. Hypervisor-based

Kernel-Based Keylogger

A kernel-based keylogger has rootkit functionalities enabling it to load and function directly from the computer memory. It records characters as they travel through the operating system without any trace.

Memory-Injection-Based Keylogger

A memory-injection-based keylogger is injected to the memory and has the capacity to modify critical data on the computer to steal information.

Hypervisor-based Keylogger

A hypervisor-based keylogger can remain invisible because it functions beneath the operating system. This ability makes it difficult to detect.

Those are the examples of advanced keyloggers. How can you protect yourself from keylogger software?


Install patch management

One of the best ways to protect yourself from keylogger software is by installing patch management on your computer. In IT security, patch management is essential. This is because failing to install necessary software updates makes your computer exposed to security risks.

Hackers scan devices for vulnerabilities. If you are using an outdated software, chances of them finding a security hole will be much higher. Hackers can use an unpatched security hole as an entryway to inject an advanced keylogger into your computer.

Patch management helps you find and install software updates automatically. It looks for the latest software update for your operating system then notifies you of its availability. With patch management, you can keep your software up-to-date. Thus, prevents advanced keylogger software attacks.

Use 2-step verification

An advanced keylogger is difficult to detect. It could be lurking on your computer without your knowledge. To avoid falling victim to an advanced keylogger attack, use 2-step verification. It prevents hackers from gaining access to your account.

Even if he obtains your username and password, he still needs to enter the pin code sent to your mobile number to log into your account. 2-Step verification is an extra layer of protection against advanced keylogger attacks. Google and Facebook use 2-step verification to protect their users’ accounts from getting hacked.

Use key encryption software

Key encryption software is an important cybersecurity component now that advanced keylogger attacks proliferate. It prevents an advanced keylogger from recording the exact keystrokes by encrypting them.

When the keys you type on the keyboard travel through the operating system, key encryption software encrypts them with random characters. Thus, an advanced keylogger from stealing personal information.

Install advanced anti malware software

Advanced anti malware software has a sophisticated feature that constantly monitors the keyboard to prevent advanced keylogger attacks. It also monitors computer memory and registry which an advanced keylogger targets.

Traditional anti malware software may not be enough to protect you from an advanced keylogger. It can detect traditional types of keyloggers. But an advanced keylogger may evade its detection. So choose advanced anti malware for complete protection against an advanced keylogger.


Endpoint protection is essential to protect endpoint devices not only from an advanced keylogger but also from sophisticated malware attacks. It is an approach designed to monitor the business network and endpoint devices through a single server. A security agent is installed on all endpoint devices. This tool reports the statuses and activities of the endpoint devices to the central server.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is the next generation endpoint protection with advanced security features. How does it work?

Monitors keyboard

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection constantly monitors keyboards against direct access. It verifies the reputation of every file that attempts to access the keyboard. It also notifies the endpoint user of this activity, allowing the user to allow or block the application.

Monitors computer memory

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection also monitors computer memory against malicious modifications. An advanced keylogger targets computer memory to function while remaining invisible. Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection prevents any malicious access to computer memory. It prevents different types of fileless malware that can load and function directly from computer memory.

Monitors registry

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection also protects the registry keys from unauthorized modification. Advanced malware also targets the registry so it can load in Startup. Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection ensures that the registry keys are safe from malicious modifications.

Advanced Keylogger Conclusion

Advanced types of keyloggers are spread on the Internet. It is important to keep your devices protected with advanced anti malware software. You can also use other tools for extra protection.

Advanced Keylogger Conclusion

Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection to scan your endpoint devices for an advanced keylogger. Or contact us to get a live demo.


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