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A standout amongst the ideal approaches to ensure your organization or yourself against infection is to instruct your workers about trojan horse virus protection. Viruses can be harmful to organizations in several ways. Cybercriminals are finding inventive and new approaches to hide the infection. One such instance is using Facebook. A trojan horse virus advanced onto Facebook. It would post a video on your wall or into a message for you. When you click to view the video, the virus would download onto your PC. It will discover your bank data and take it. This virus can be secured through any trojan horse virus protection software. Trojan Horse Virus Protection  

A recent assessment states the cost of cybercrime on organizations to be at 6 trillion dollars by 2021. A normal virus attack on an organization costs them $10,000. There is also an estimate that an organization can lose up to 7 hours of productivity per virus to more than one full day. That’s almost 30 hours. This is while attempting to fix it. So with that, educating workers about trojan horse virus protection is critical.


Trojan horse viruses can attack through email. Knowing what to look is principal to trojan horse virus protection. The trojan horse will resemble a standard email. They attack through an attachment in the email. It is important to show your employees what trojan horse virus protection is all about. An instruction not to open any unknown attachments is essential.

Cybercriminals will influence the email to appear that it is very important that you open it. This message says the notification is urgent. Other email attachments are bank notices or bill notices. It is a need that you do not open the attachment. Let your trojan horse virus protection software check it first.s
Organizations are beginning to be proactive with regards to educating their employees. One thing that they do is training them. This allows employees to remain informed of the trojan horse virus protection and the most current dangers. Organizations are also trying to make the process less demanding. They are making applications that tell the client when to change their password. Viruses began to take off in the early to mid-1980s. Viruses extended and turn out to be complex. The need for trojan horse virus protection to shield users from them is urgent. The first trojan horse virus protection software to be developed was by Bernie Fix in 1987.
Trojan horse viruses can be harmful to a user and PC. It can steal your user name, individual data, passwords, and your PC documents. Trojan horse virus protection can help secure your PC and yourself. The trojan horse virus protection will check the majority of your online activity. The trojan horse virus protection performs regular scans to ensure that your PC is safe. Keeping your software updated is an absolute necessity. Without every current update, the trojan horse virus protection may be pointless. They wouldn’t know against new forms of the infection. Most new trojan horse virus protection software will update themselves. There is nothing for the user to stress over.
Though, there are some issues about trojan horse virus protection software. One issue is that it can run down the speed at which your PC runs. There have likewise been complaints of false positive results. The trojan horse virus protection software will say that a file is corrupt when it isn’t. Different issues include new viruses not seen and erasing the virus. There is also the issue of unforeseen renewal costs. All and all, the trojan horse virus protection software is viewed as a necessity for all users. It is for the protection against the trojan horse virus and other viruses in general.s
Comodo Forensic Analysis is a forensic analysis tool that recognizes malware. Comodo Forensic Analysis enables organizations to check their frameworks for malware. All trojan horse viruses or other such malware can be discovered using Comodo Forensic Analysis. It can enable organizations to improve their security posture too. No record gets away from the attention of the Comodo Forensic Analysis tool. The unknown files are dispatched to a cloud-based analysis. These represent the most genuine hazards. You can recover your organization by actualizing the Comodo Advanced Endpoint protection software. In case you are faced with unknown files or malware, there is no need to be pressured. Comodo Advanced Endpoint protection software is guaranteeing over 80+ Million endpoints over the world.





The Trojan Horse Virus Protection that Every Business

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Trojan Horse Virus Protection
  • The great amount of exposure to the computers and networks provides awareness to cyber threats such as malware and Trojan horse virus. Cyber threats have different functions yet their damage are all equal. Moreover, Trojan horse virus is one of the most used of cyber criminals to breach enterprise computers.
  • The difference of a virus from a Trojan horse virus is its ability to replicate. A Trojan horse virus can’t replicate itself. Moreover, cyber criminals program a Trojan horse virus depending on their motives. The Trojan horse virus pretends to be a legitimate software (e.g. antivirus, .MP4 file, or an email attachment). That deceit causes several problems to any victim as it can either steal sensitive information or rob your phone bill.

The Tasks of a Trojan Horse Virus

Are you curios what Trojan horse virus do to your computer? They perform different tasks designed by the cyber criminals. The Trojan will remain unrecognizable until it successfully executed its mission. Learn the different tasks of a Trojan horse in the following:
The Trojan horse virus Spies
Trojans can work as a Spyware. It’ll wait until you use your online accounts or enter your credit card details. Then, it’ll send your passwords and other information back to the cyber criminal. After that, the cyber criminal can perform his own plans to victimize his targets. This intensifies the need for trojan horse virus protection.
Trojan horse virus Creates Backdoors
Trojans also has the ability to change your codes or your security system. With that, even more malware can get through your security tools without getting noticed and can cause a big security breach. These scenarios requires a strong trojan horse virus protection from any type of security breach.
Trojan horse virus Robs Phone Bills
  • Computers aren’t the only targets of Trojans. It can also use smartphones to send expensive SMS messages to premium numbers. A cyber criminal can make money through that. Computers are not the only ones that need protection, smartphones also need trojan horse virus protection.
  • Trojan horse virus Turns Computers to Zombies
  • Cyber criminal don’t just steal accounts or information, they also pester other people using DDoS attacks. In order to do that, they’ll implant Trojans to computer and use it for their own interest. That will put you in great trouble as cyber crimes are detected through IP addresses of the computer.

Comodo AEP: The Most Effective Trojan Virus Protection

  • A simple antivirus can’t help you with the trojan horse virus protection. A trojan horse virus can’t easily be detected because it pretends to be a legitimate file or software. That scheme makes it harder for general antivirus to detect it. What you need is a specific trojan horse virus protection.
  • All you need is to use the Advanced Endpoint Protection. It is the next-generation cyber security that blocks bad files and automatically contains unknown files in a virtual container using Default Deny Platform™ and containerization technology. The unknown “contained” file is analyzed and an accelerated verdict is obtained through the Valkyrie cloud-based advanced malware analysis platform. It gives you the trojan horse virus protection.
  • Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection gives a lightweight, scalable Default Deny Platform with a unique endpoint security approach. This results in complete protection and enterprise visibility. The app based platform removes the difficulty in using and solving the issues. Provisioned in minutes, Advanced Endpoint Protection also contains unified IT and security management console, that through an app enabled platform reduces the effort of managing your Android, iOS, OSX, Linux, and Windows devices, on every segment of your physical and virtual networks.

How Does AEP Work as Trojan horse virus protection?

  • The best way to prevent Trojan horse infection is to install a good antivirus software such as Comodo Antivirus on your computer.
  • Install Comodo antivirus and run a full scan to make sure your system is free from malware. If there is malware on your computer, Comodo antivirus will remove it automatically.
  • In case of organizations, finding and removing Trojan horses is not easy as there may be multiple legacy endpoints/devices deployed at different locations.
  • For organizations and enterprises, Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) is the ideal solution as it offers all-around protection across devices and OS platforms. With a built-in containment engine and ‘Default Deny’ platform, Comodo AEP provides complete protection against any malware threat including Trojan horse viruses.
  • For more details about Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection, contact us at or +1 888-256-2608.