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Data theft is rampant today and a hardware keylogger is one tool hackers use to steal personal information. It works just as the software keylogger. The only difference is a hardware keylogger requires no installation.

Enterprise Xciitum Hardware Keylogger


A hardware keylogger is a device for intercepting and recording keystrokes. The device is attached to the computer and starts working the moment it’s plugged in. The information is stored in the device itself. So to retrieve data, hackers must have physical access to it. However, hackers can make a hardware keylogger wifi accessible to retrieve data remotely.

Unlike software keyloggers, a hardware keylogger can be undetectable by the antivirus. It may just appear as an external device attached to the computer, making hardware keylogger detection difficult.

For hardware keylogger detection, you may need to regularly check up on the USB ports. However, this can be challenging if multiple devices are involved. To avoid falling victim to a hardware keylogger attack, you may try the methods below.


Use Computer Case

One way to protect your PC from a hardware keylogger is by using a PC case. It makes the back USB ports where a hardware keylogger is commonly attached inaccessible. Any hacker would never attempt to attach a hardware keylogger to the front ports, as it can be easily seen and removed. That’s one way to prevent a hardware keylogger attack.

Disable the USB Ports

Another way to prevent a hardware keylogger attack is by disabling the extra USB ports. You can leave the mouse and keyboard ports active to prevent a hacker from using the USB ports that are not in use.

Use 2-Step Verification

Using 2-Step verification prevents a hacker from logging into your account even if he has the username and password. It requires a pin code that is sent to your device to access your account.

Install Key Encryption Software

Key encryption software also prevents a hardware keylogger attack by encrypting the keys you type on the keyboard. When a hardware keylogger intercepts the keys, it can only record random characters. If you want extra protection against a hardware keylogger, key encryption software is an effective tool.


Endpoint devices are susceptible to keylogger attacks. Hacker target endpoint devices to steal confidential information from large companies. To protect endpoint devices from keylogger attacks, anti malware software with endpoint protection is essential. Endpoint protection or endpoint security monitors endpoint devices and all the possible entry points of malware to prevent cyber attacks.

One reputable endpoint security software is Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection. It is trusted by more than 600,000 business clients worldwide. How does Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection prevent cyber attacks including keyloggers?

Host Intrusion Prevention System

The host intrusion prevention system or HIPS is an advanced feature designed specifically to monitor the computer memory, registry, disks, and keyboard. It notifies the user when an application attempts to access the critical parts of the computer. So it prevents different types of keyloggers from getting direct access to the keyboard.


The auto-containment prevents any malicious software from accessing the hard drive when it reaches the computer. It contains any untrusted file and monitors it in a virtual container to identify if the file is safe. The auto-containment can detect ransomware and drive-by-downloads in no time.


The firewall filters network traffic that prevents DDoS attacks. The firewall allows you to block unwanted traffic that can interrupt the normal traffic of your web server. It also monitors data transmission on endpoint devices to detect malicious attacks.

Website Filtering

Website Filtering allows you to block malicious websites. This feature is useful particularly if you wish to restrict endpoint users from accessing inappropriate websites at the workplace.


ViruScope is advanced behavioral monitoring that is used for detecting sophisticated malware. It can detect threats that can get past the antivirus and firewall.

With Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection, your network and endpoint devices are protected from varieties of malware.

Hardware Keylogger Conclusion

All types of keyloggers are stealthy and can cause a data breach. But you can prevent them. One way effective way is by installing a reputable security solution that can monitor the keyboard against direct access. Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today for complete malware protection. Or contact us to get a live demo.

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