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In 1970, keyloggers were invented to record the printhead movements of Selectric typewriters. Nowadays, computer keystroke software is an application designed to record keystrokes on PC. Basically, it can expose sensitive information to whoever deploys computer keylogger software.


computer keylogger software



Kernel-based computer keylogger software has a rootkit functionality, enabling it to reside in the kernel of the operating system, which is why it is dangerous. Having a rootkit functionality, kernel-based computer keylogger software gains administrative privileges, which means that it can evade the detection of any anti malware software or antivirus.

Kernel-based computer keylogger software is invisible in Task Manager, leaving no trace of its malicious activities. Basically, there’s usually no warning sign of kernel-based computer keylogger software. The chances of getting personal information stolen are extremely high.

Form grabbing-based

Form grabbing-based computer keylogger software is designed for intercepting web page submissions that contain your usernames, passwords, and bank account information. It monitors browsing activities, so just before the information is submitted to the website when you fill out the information, the form grabbing-based computer keylogger intercepts the action to steal your personal details.


API-based computer keylogger software attaches the keyboard API to itself, enabling it to capture every keystroke as it is pressed on the keyboard. It’s simply become part of the application that can record keyboard activities.


Memory-based computer keylogger software is similar to the kernel-based keylogging software. The only difference is that memory-based computer keylogger software modifies sets of codes to bypass normal authentication, while a kernel-based keylogger automatically gains administrative privileges by loading directly in the lowest level of the operating system.

A memory-based keylogger is also difficult to detect, as it operates directly from computer memory. It records keys as they pass through the path of the operating system to reach their destination.

A computer keylogger software infection will eventually result in data breaches. With your personal information in the wrong hands, unauthorized transactions follow. Undoubtedly, you have to protect your computer from keylogging software.


#1. Use a Password Manager

A password manager is secure storage that allows you to manage your passwords in one application. One of its benefits is generating strong passwords that prevent brute force attacks. Most importantly, automatically filling out the password section when you log into your account prevents computer keylogger software from recording it.

#2. Use Key Encryption Software

Key encryption software conceals the keystrokes behind random characters, which prevents computer keylogger software from intercepting the exact keys. Therefore, it keeps your personal information safe from getting stolen.

#3. Install Computer Updates

System vulnerabilities can be exploited by hackers to insert computer keylogger software. But software updates patch system vulnerabilities, preventing a keylogger from getting onto your devices. It is advisable to install software updates when they become available.

#4. Anti Malware Software

Anti malware software prevents varieties of threats, including computer keylogger software. By constantly monitoring your computer, it detects and blocks a keylogger. Installing anti malware software is essential, as cyber attacks are rampant.

When you go online, you may accidentally install malware on your computer by opening emails disguised as legitimate. But with anti malware software, you can prevent falling victim to such malware attacks.


Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is endpoint security software that prevents cyber attacks on business networks and endpoint devices. It is equipped with a Host Intrusion Prevention System, a feature specifically designed to prevent computer keylogger software.

With Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection, your keyboard receives complete protection against computer keylogger software, as it constantly monitors every application that attempts to access the keyboard. The end user also receives a notification to confirm the application.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection deals effectively with different types of keyloggers. It ensures that the registry, computer memory, and kernel of the operating system are safe from unauthorized modifications.


Computer keylogger software exposes your personal information to the hacker. But with the help of anti keylogging tools, you can prevent it from ever reaching your computer.

Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today. Or contact us to get a live demo.

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