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How Do I Know If I Have Ransomware In My PC

Many computer users don’t know that their PCs have ransomware already. By just simply browsing the Internet, you may get a ransomware. Ransomware is the most dangerous type of malware that can encrypt and lock your computer. Therefore, you should always ask yourself, how do I know if I have ransomware on my PC.

There are a lot of ways on how to detect the presence of a ransomware in a PC. If you suspect that your computer has been compromised and observed some abnormalities, here are behaviors to confirm how do I know if I have ransomware on my PC.

Techniques Ransomware can be very tricky. It could hide in many places on my computer. Little did I know, that my data has been already compromised. So, it is important to always be vigilant about what’s happening on your computer.

Check the File Extension Technique One simple way of identifying that a ransomware is present in the computer is by checking the file extensions of all the data files. It is very easy to notice if the file extension looks malicious. A typical file extension for an image is “.jpg” and if the file extension became malicious letters, then that is a big indicator that a ransomware is present in the computer that way, it will confirm the question how do I know if I have ransomware in my PC.

Check the File Renames Technique It very uncommon to see multiple file renames of your data frequently. One indicator that could help you answer your question, how do I know if I have ransomware in my PC is to identify multiple file renames of the data files. This is a common behavior for the ransomware to change the file name because it encrypts the files, therefore, it had to change the file name after executing it.

Dummy Network Technique Another helpful technique to do in order to help you answer the question, how do I know if I have ransomware is by creating a dummy network. In here, a network of drives are shared and contains random small files. The purpose of this technique is to delay the ransomware from infecting the main local drives which contains all important data files. A slow disk is used in setting up this dummy network, in this way, it would take a longer time for the ransomware to encrypt the dummy files and could give some time to detect the presence of a ransomware in the network.

Exploit Kit Technique If budget is not an issue, it would be great to use this technique. Through this technique, businesses must purchase a modernized firewall. This firewall systems have the capability of detecting ransomware over the network. It uses technology called exploit detection kit. It can check all the network traffic including the emails and the compromised websites that was visited by the user. In this way, it can surely help in answering the question, how do I know if I have ransomware on my PC.

Using Security Software Technique This is the last but definitely not the least option you could use in answering the question of how do I know If I have ransomware on my PC. Get an Internet Security software capable of detecting and cleaning ransomware present in the network. This software will run on the back end side of the system and will detect any malicious activity rooted in the behavior of a ransomware. It will protect the registry file of your Windows, which plays a vital role in all Windows operating systems.

Ransomware will surely remain to be the dangerous and growing type of malware that is always ready to get victim everywhere on the internet. But if your the type of person that is very security conscious and always vigilant in asking how do I know If I have ransomware, for sure it will lessen the chance of being a victim of ransomware in the future.

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