How Does Malware Infect Your Computer?

21 Oct, 2022 1113 Views
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How Does Malware Infect Your Computer?In today’s digital era, there is no end to cyber attacks on computers. Malware, computer worms, and phishing attacks are becoming increasingly common. Every endpoint and organization is vulnerable to malware attacks because of the advanced variants of viruses and malware that have emerged.

The term ‘Malware’ is a broad term comprising worms, viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, and rootkits, etc. Whenever you connect your computer to the internet to check your social media profiles or read your emails, your computer gets exposed to online malware.

Ways in which malware infects a computer include:

  • Infected emails which contain email attachments with malicious content in them.
  • Malicious content in instant messaging attachments.
  • Malicious files disguised as legitimate files downloaded from the internet.

The primary way by which malware spreads is through social networks and pirated software which seems legitimate. Since there are a vast amount of resources for creating malware codes on the internet, anyone can produce malware and spread it to thousands or even millions of unwary users.

As mentioned earlier, malware can also spread through pirated software. In a majority of cases, pirated software seems to be legitimate for unwary users who then downloads them onto their system. But once the malware enters the victim’s computer, it can wreak havoc on their computer. From stealing private information like credit card details to disrupting computer operations, damages caused by malware attacks were manifold.

The Ultimate Solution

For evolving malware threats, we need an all-around security solution. Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is such a solution which can solve the problem of malware on both Windows endpoints and mobile devices.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection uses a multi-layer, modular security approach that uses automation to contain unknown files in a secure container.

Xcitium’s award-winning Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) is the ideal solution for malware threats especially in an enterprise setting where it is extremely difficult to manage and secure each and every endpoint deployed at various locations.

Xcitium AEP can quickly identify and eliminate malicious software across endpoints. Try Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today and secure your endpoints once and for all!

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