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Keyloggers can be a useful or dangerous tool. What makes the difference is the intention for deploying keyloggers. To better understand how to use keylogger in different ways, it is important to know how keyloggers work.

Enterprise Xcitium How to Use Keylogger

How To Use Keylogger: HOW IT WORKS?

Keyloggers record every key pressed on the keyboard. How do keyloggers do it? By monitoring the paths of the operating system that the keys go through to reach their destination how to fix ransomware attack. By doing so, keyloggers capture the exact characters you type. With that, it is a great tool to view sensitive information on how to solve ransomware attack.

There are many ways how to use a keylogger. Depending on the intention of the person who deploys keyloggers, it can be a useful or dangerous tool how to fix ransomware. So what are the different uses of keyloggers?


1. How to Use Keylogger to Monitor Employees Activities

If you want to want to monitor your employees’ activities during working hours, install a keylogger on their work computers how to solve ransomware. You can let them know that you are installing keyloggers on their computers. Using keyloggers, you can view their online searches and what they type on the computer. This can help you to evaluate their work performance more easily. That’s how to use a keylogger at the workplace ransomware attack solution.

2. How to Use Keylogger to Monitor your Children’s Online Activities

You can also use keyloggers to monitor your children’s online activities. If you want to know their online searches and the people they talk to, you can install keyloggers on their devices. This also allows you to log into their social media accounts. If you want to ensure their safety on the World Wide Web, use keyloggers to monitor them. There are free keylogger available for download. Just choose the best for you. That’s how to use keylogger if you are a parent.

3. How to Use Keylogger to Know if your Partner is Cheating on you

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, keyloggers can confirm your suspicion. Let’s admit it, if you are in a relationship there are times when you doubt your partner’s loyalty. If you want to know what he/she is up to online, you can install keyloggers on his/her mobile phones. That allows you to see your partner’s SMS, call logs, and browsing history. That’s how to use keylogger to catch if someone’s cheating on you.

4. How to Use Keylogger to Steal Passwords

Due to the data-stealing capability of keyloggers, hackers use them to steal username and passwords. They spread malware on the Internet to infect as many computers as possible for monetary gain. If your computer catches a keylogger, hackers will soon obtain your username and password. That’s how to use keylogger to steal username and password.

Now that you have a better idea of how to use keylogger in different ways, it is important to learn how you can prevent keyloggers from stealing your personal information and how to resolve ransomware attacks.


Copy and Paste your Username and Passwords

Keyloggers tracks and records every key you press on the keyboard. If you copy and paste your username and password, keyloggers won’t be able to capture them. Only, some keyloggers are able to capture screenshots and web submissions. However, for traditional keyloggers, this technique might work.

Use 2-Step Verification

If you want to ensure your protection against keyloggers, use 2-step verification for your account. It prevents hackers from hacking your account as it requires the pin code that is sent to you via text. If you use a 2-step verification, you add an extra layer of security against keyloggers.

Install Anti Malware Software

Anti malware software protects you not just from keyloggers but also from other types of malware such as ransomware, rootkit, and trojan. It prevents the entry of malicious software by deeply scanning any file that enters your computer. Anti malware software also detects spear phishing, which is the number one cause of malware infections. It also protects you from drive-by-downloads. So it is important to install anti malware software on your computer. Just look for a reputable anti malware software on the Internet.

Use Key Encryption Software

Key encryption software conceals the character as they travel through the path of the operating system. By doing so, it prevents keyloggers from capturing the exact keys you type. This adds another layer of protection. Even if there’s a keylogger lurking on your device, it can only log random characters.

How To Use Keylogger Conclusion

Keyloggers have beneficial uses. However, it can become a dangerous tool that can steal usernames and passwords. Don’t let keyloggers steal any sensitive information. Take preventive measures. But most importantly, install anti malware software on your computer for complete malware protection.

If you own a business network with endpoint devices, to learn how you can protect your endpoint devices from keyloggers.

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