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A keyboard tracker commonly known as a keylogger is a program for stealing personal information. However, you don’t have to be terrified of keyloggers. By using the top five anti keylogger tools, you can prevent a keyboard tracker attack.


Anti malware software doesn’t just avoid a keyboard tracker, but too the other type of malware. Anti-malware software monitors your computer for invaders. Often, we are unconscious of the threats on websites we visit and software we download. It’s anti-malware software that detects and removes threats to prevent malware infections.

Manually scanning every app we download is time-consuming. With the help of anti malware software, it becomes easier and faster. So it is advisable to install an anti malware software on your device to prevent a keyboard tracker attack. Check out the best anti malware software here.

2. 2-Step Verification

Knowing what 2-Step Verification is and how it can prevent a keyboard tracker attack is important. 2-step verification is a security feature that requires you to enter the pin code sent to you via a text message. This allows you to confirm your identity as the real account holder. 2-Step verification prevents the hacker from gaining access to your personal account regardless if he has your username and password.

Big companies such as Facebook and Gmail use 2-Step verification. You might think it is a hassle. But it is, in fact, a useful feature that you should use.

But what if it happens that you’re phone’s battery is dead? That could be a downside of using 2-step verification. Nevertheless, it still is a great tool to protect your account from getting hacked.

3. Voice Recognition Software

Using voice recognition is a sure way to prevent a keyboard tracker from stealing your username and passwords. A keyboard tracker steals your personal information by recording every key you type on the physical keyboard. With speech recognition software, you no longer have to type your personal details. You can simply command the voice recognition software.

4. Key Encryption Software

Using key encryption software is another sure way to prevent a keyboard tracker attack. It conceals the keys you type with random characters. As you type, the keys you press travel through the path to reach their destination. A keyboard tracker positions itself on this path to monitor the keys. With key encryption software, a keyboard tracker can only record random characters.

5. Copying and Pasting

The last in our list is not a tool but rather a technique to prevent a keyboard attack. As mentioned, a keyboard tracker can only steal information when you type them on the keyboard. If you copy and paste your username and password, it prevents a keyboard tracker from recording them. Just find a good strategy to save the information on your computer, then you can simply pull it up if you want to log into your account.


Endpoint devices can be any IoT devices such as laptops, smartphones, desktops, and tablets that are connected to a business network. Endpoint devices can fall victim to a keylogger if they are left vulnerable.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is a trusted security solution that has been protecting more than 85 million endpoint devices worldwide. It is multi-layered with advanced security features to provide complete malware protection.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection consists of:

Default Deny Security Feature

This feature prevents any untrusted file from getting access to the file system. The suspicious file is contained when it enters the computer. Then it is monitored in a virtual container to verify if it is safe or malicious.

Inbound and Outbound Threat Protection

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection protects your network and endpoint devices from inbound and outbound threats by monitoring network traffic. The data goes through a class packet filtering firewall to detect and prevents threats.

Computer Memory and Registry Protection

Fileless malware is proliferating today to conduct high-profile cyber attacks. Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection guarantees the protection of computer memory and registry against fileless malware. It has a Host Intrusion Prevention System that monitors computer and registry against malicious modifications.

For complete protection against a keylogger, install a trusted anti malware software. You can combine it with other anti keyboard tracker tools to render a keylogger useless.

Click here to download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection. You can also contact us to get a live demo.

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