Xcitium Endpoint Security Manager

21 Oct, 2022 2613 Views
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Conventional Endpoint Security Doesn’t Work.
Ours Does.

Xcitium Endpoint Security Manager

Centrally manage and administer Xcitium Endpoint Security software to protect laptops, desktops and servers, improveing company performance and profitability.

  • How You Can Benefit From Xcitium ESM
  • One centralized management console to manage both local and remote endpoints
  • Real-time notification
  • Manages Windows, Mac OSX & Debian based Linux endpoints
  • Prevents introduction of malware and unauthorized software on the network with Default Deny Protection™ and Auto-Sandbox
  • Automatic application of policies
  • Bundled WiFi security, Power management, USB device management
  • Multi-session RDP-style access to endpoints from the console and more

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Xcitium Endpoint Security

Malware Protection Across All Networks

Xcitium Internet Security (includes Antivirus and Firewall) with Default Deny Protection™ protects against all of today’s sophisticated malware threats. This model combined with central management eliminates threats and reduces the administrative burden.

  • Stay updated on all suspicious files
  • Prevention-based technology stops viruses
  • Provision virus updates through Xcitium Offline Updater
  • Constantly protects with real-time on-access scanning
  • Manage from a single console
  • Seamless integration for easy to manage solution

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