What Is Computer Malware?

21 Oct, 2022 133 Views
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Malware is a form of malicious code or malicious software that infiltrates your computer. It can infect a computer system without the permission or knowledge of the user.

The primary purpose of malware is to damage the victim’s computer, steal private information or spy on a computer without the consent of the user.

Malware has the capability to corrupt files and steal private information like credit card details of the user and send them back to the hacker.

More About Computer Malware

Some malware is specifically designed to infect files on a storage disk (hard drives) and can spread autonomously from computer to computer. A malware infection is often triggered by the user’s action such as opening an infected email attachment.

Hackers or cybercriminals use advanced tools to design and spread malware. So, it is critical for users to protect their PCs. The easiest way to do that is to install a Free Antivirus and malware removal tool like Xcitium Antivirus.

Whether you use the internet for business purpose or personal use, you can be a victim of malware attack. If your PC got infected with spyware, it can steal your personal information and gives it to the third party (hacker) who in turn can send you thousands of spam emails or use your personal information for nefarious activities like identity theft.

How Do You Know If Your PC Has A Malware?

A malware infected computer shows many different malware symptoms. A few notable signs that your computer may have a malware virus include:

  • Slow response times
  • Random hard drive crashes
  • Extensive pop-up ads on your computer screen

How To Protect Your Computer From Computer Malware?

  • Make sure to download files and other software only from reputable websites.
  • Install a good firewall program like Xcitium Firewall.
  • Do not open links, suspicious emails or attachments from unknown senders.
  • Most important of all, make sure to download and install a good antivirus program like Xcitium Antivirus

If you practice good browsing habits and follow the advice mentioned-above, you should be able to surf the internet relatively trouble-free and protect your computer from malware.

In an enterprise setting, an entirely different strategy is required to defend against malware. Every endpoint must be protected to safeguard endpoints from malware viruses. Endpoints represent the easiest targets for malware as most of the devices have outdated software or operating systems. To protect all of your endpoints, you need advanced endpoint protection solution.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) is such a solution that can take care of all your endpoints. It provides complete protection against any malware attacks including zero-day attacks. All thanks to the built-in containment engine of Xcitium AEP, any unknown files including unknown malware gets automatically contained in a secure virtual environment. Try Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today!

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