What Is Meant By Trojen Horse AND HOW TO PREVENT IT?

21 Oct, 2022 235 Views
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You may be wondering, what is meant by trojan horse? A trojan horse is a malicious software that conceals its harmful intent by pretending to be legitimate software. It seems harmless, but its destructive nature is hidden behind its deceptive appearance.

What Is Meant By Trojen Horse

The term “trojan horse” is derived from the classic story of the Trojan War. A stealthy wooden horse full of Greek soldiers was allowed inside the Troy kingdom, which led to its downfall.

The trojan horse malware works similarly. It lures in victims by pretending to be a genuine application. But once installed, it can destroy the computer system. That’s what is meant by trojan horse.

What Is Meant By Trojen Horse: WHAT DOES A TROJAN HORSE DO?

In this section, we’ll show you what is meant by trojan horse by how it is harmful to your computer and personal information.

  • Creates backdoor access.
  • Installs dangerous malware.
  • Conceals malicious activities.
  • Conducts DDoS attacks.
  • Steals personal information.

Creates Backdoor Access

Hackers know what is meant by trojan horse. A trojan horse is known for creating backdoor access, enabling hackers to access the computer without the user’s permission.

To do this, a trojan horse will alter the computer’s settings to evade normal authentication. Once it gains administrative privileges, a trojan horse will create a backdoor. The hacker then can take control of the computer without being exposed. That’s what is meant by trojan horse creating backdoor access.

Installs Dangerous Malware

What is meant by trojan horse installing dangerous malware? Sometimes a trojan horse is a called a toolkit because it can install the other types of malware, such as rootkits, ransomware, spyware, and keyloggers. A trojan horse is often bundled with these types of malware by hackers because it can perfectly hide its malicious nature. The trojan horse will then activate the malware embedded in it.

Conceals Malicious Activities

Once the malware is activated, a trojan horse will conceal its malicious activities. By altering critical data in the computer memory, a trojan horse with rootkit functionalities can prevent other types of malware from being detected. A trojan horse with a rootkit functionalities executes directly from the kernel of the operating system. Remember, part of what is meant by trojan horse is that it is difficult to detect and remove.

Conducts DDoS Attacks

A trojan horse can also interrupt a server or network by sending unwanted traffic. A DDoS attack interrupts the normal flow of traffic by flooding it with unnecessary extra traffic. It can shut down networks, servers, and websites. A trojan horse can be programmed to conduct a DDoS attack, which is why part of what is meant by trojan horse is that it is dangerous.

Steals Personal Information

A trojan horse can also steal personal information. It can work as spyware that monitors your computer activity to record sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers. Then it transmits the information to the hacker through a remote server. The hacker can use your personal information to make unauthorized transactions. That’s what is meant by trojan horse stealing personal information.


To avoid falling victim to a trojan horse attack, here are preventive measures you can take:

Avoid Opening Emails From Anonymous Senders

A trojan horse is often distributed by spam or a malicious email. Even other types of malware are often delivered by malicious emails. So, avoid opening emails from anonymous senders. You’ll know it’s spear phishing if it convinces you to act promptly.

Avoid Downloads From Untrusted Vendors

A trojan horse typically disguises itself as legitimate software to get into a computer. To prevent a trojan horse infection, avoid downloading software from unverified publishers. A trojan horse can easily pose as a genuine application to trick you, and you may inadvertently download a trojan horse on your device.

Scan the URL

Xcitium A malicious URL is another leading cause of malware infections. It promises users a free application but redirects them to malicious websites. The malware then installs silently in the background.

To avoid falling victim to a phishing URL attack, scan the link first using third-party URL scanners to verify the reputation of the website.

Install Anti Malware Software

Once you understand what is meant by trojan horse, the best tool you can use to prevent a trojan horse infection is anti-malware software. It detects a trojan horse and other types of malware in no time. By deeply scanning any file that enters the computer, it identifies a trojan horse quickly. Look for a reputable anti-malware software that can protect your computer from varieties of malware.


Now that you just have a better better; a much better; a higher;a stronger;an improved”>a higher idea of what is meant by trojan horse and how harmful it is to the computer, it is important to prevent it from infecting your computer. Protect your computer with a successful anti-malware software to keep your individual information secure.

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