What Trojan Horse Virus Do?

21 Oct, 2022 839 Views
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During the Trojan War, the Greeks made a plan to trick their enemies – through presenting a massive, wooden horse as a peace offering. The Greeks used this gift as a vessel to enter the city of Troy. When the night came, they came out of the wooden horse and let the other soldiers through the gates. Eventually, they won the war against after many years.

The Trojan horse virus, as a cyber threat, does the same trick. What Trojan horse virus do? It simply pretends as file or program that you need. Even if it gets onto the system, Trojan horse virus still needs the user’s interaction – activation. In order to prevent this from happening, you must be very careful of the things you are downloading and receiving emails from friends or family.

The Dangerous Abilities of Trojan Horse Virus In A System

The Trojan horse virus is hard to identify. They can resemble any file or program that employees wanted on their computer’s hard drive or folders. It can be as cheesy as a heartbreak song or all-time favorite movie. So the best way to determine a Trojan horse virus on a computer is to look for the signs. The following are the dangerous abilities of a Trojan horse virus on an infected computer:


Trojans can work as a Spyware. It’ll wait until you use your online accounts or enter your credit card details. Then, it’ll send your passwords and other information back to the cyber criminal.

Creating backdoor

Trojans also has the ability to change your codes or your security system. With that, even more malware can get through your security tools without getting noticed.

Turn your endpoint into a zombie!

Cyber criminal don’t just steal accounts or information, they also pester other people using DDoS attacks. In order to do that, they’ll implant Trojans to endpoint and use it for their own interest. That will put you in great trouble as cyber crimes are detected through IP addresses of the endpoint.

Language Settings Changed

Your computer language suddenly changed without you changing it. It’s a giveaway computer Trojan symptom. Your screen can also show back-to-front and other strange activities can tell you that you have an infected computer system.

Send expensive SMS messages

Computers aren’t the only targets of Trojan horse virus. It can also exploit smartphones to send expensive SMS messages to premium numbers. A cyber criminal can make money through that.

Extremely Slow Computer

If you think that having too many files and running multiple applications all the same time can slow down the computer, it’s not the only cause. A computer Trojan can also cause that slowness because it must be using many resources.

How To Prevent Against Trojan Horse Virus

An ordinary antivirus might not be able to do a great job at detecting Trojan horse virus at your computers. The Trojan horse virus symptoms can’t easily be detected because it pretends to be a legitimate file or software. That scheme makes it harder for a general antivirus to detect it. What you need is the specific Trojan horse virus protection that can eradicate such pesky Trojan horse virus in the computer.

Xcitium All you would like is to utilize the Advanced Endpoint Protection to fight the Trojan horse virus symptoms. It is the next-generation cyber security that blocks bad files and automatically contains unknown files in a virtual holder utilizing Default Deny Platform™ and containerization technology. The unknown “contained” file is analyzed and an accelerated verdict is gotten through the Valkyrie cloud-based progressed malware analysis stage. It gives you the Trojan horse virus protection.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection gives a lightweight, scalable Default Deny Platform with a unique endpoint security approach. This results in complete protection and enterprise visibility. The app based platform removes the difficulty in using and solving the issues. Provisioned in minutes, Advanced Endpoint Protection also contains unified IT and security management console, that through an app enabled platform reduces the effort of managing your Android, iOS, OSX, Linux, and Windows devices, on every segment of your physical and virtual networks.

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