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Anti malware programs free download helps protect IoT devices from cyber threats. Anti malware software prevents the entry of harmful threats. Thus, keeping your computer safe online. So it is important to look for a trusted anti malware programs free download.

anti malware programs free download

In choosing anti malware programs free download, we’ll show you the features that you should look for:


Spear Phishing Protection

A good anti malware programs free download must have spear protection. Spear Phishing is a primary tool that hackers use to infect IoT devices. Spear Phishing contains malicious attachment that installs malware in the background. It is an effective social engineering technique as it triggers curiosity to trick its victim.

It may also threaten you to supply the requested information. In case you’re unaware of how spear phishing works, you’ll fall for this trick. However, in the event that you’ve got trusted anti-malware software, a spear phishing attack will be prevented.

To avoid falling victim to a spear phishing attack, don’t open an email from a suspicious sender. Most importantly, protect your computer with advanced anti malware software. Look for anti malware free download with spear phishing protection.

Drive-by-Download Detection

Another feature that good anti malware programs free download should have is drive-by-download detection. Drive-by-download is when malicious software installs secretly in the background. Hackers infect even legitimate websites with malware. When you visit a website that is infected with malware, malware will be installed without your knowledge. A drive-by-download is difficult to detect and requires an anti malware free download with advanced malware detection tools.

To keep your computer safe from drive-by-download attacks, look for anti malware programs free download with drive-by-download detection. Anti malware programs free download without this security feature cannot prevent malicious installations behind the background.

Advanced Behavioral Monitoring

Advanced behavioral monitoring is another important feature that you should for in anti malware programs free download. New age malware mutates its signature. Traditional malware contained a fixed signature that identified it. Now, new age malware can mutate its signature to evade detection.

A traditional antivirus without advanced behavioral monitoring will bypass sophisticated malware. To stay protected from sophisticated cyber threats, choose anti malware programs free download with an advanced behavioral monitoring feature.

Fileless Malware Defense System

A fileless malware defense system is also an important feature of anti malware programs free download. It prevents fileless malware attacks. Fileless malware infects the computer memory, then it commands the Powershell to gain administrators privileges.

Fileless malware is dangerous. Hackers use it to steal bank account information and make online transactions. To ensure the protection of your computer memory, get anti malware programs free download with fileless malware protection.

Xcitium Anti Malware is a trusted anti malware software for a personal computer. It has advanced behavioral monitoring features. It detects and blocks sophisticated malware in no time. It also cleans the registry of malicious entries. That prevents malicious software from launching when the computer boots up. It is one of the most reputable anti malware programs free download for your PC.

For a business network, Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is recommended. It consists of advanced security features to protect the endpoints from advanced cyber attacks.

Cloud-Based Antivirus

Prevents the entry of trojan, keylogger, rootkit, adware, spyware, ransomware, and other types of malware Protects the computer from unregistered threat


  • Cloud-based database that provides accurate details about the unknown file
  • Detects malware in only 40 seconds
  • Summarizes the information about the detected threat

Host Intrusion Prevention System

  • Prevents fileless malware infections
  • Protects the computer memory and registry against malicious modifications
  • Monitors the keyboard against direct access
  • Prevents suspicious files from accessing the file system
  • Detects sophisticated malware that gets past the firewall and antivirus


  • Provides the best ransomware protection
  • Auto-contains untrusted files
  • Prevents zero-day malware
  • Prevents spear phishing attacks
  • Detects malicious installation behind the background or drive-by-downloads


  • Protects the network against inbound and outbound threats
  • Monitors incoming and outgoing data
  • Monitors the statuses of endpoint devices


  • Consists of multiple recognizers that detects malicious behavioral patterns in no time
  • Protects the endpoint devices against advanced cyber threats

Website Filtering

  • Allows blacklisting and whitelisting websites
  • Prevents other users from accessing elicit websites

All business data are essential to an organization. Losing them greatly impacts the business operation. Protect your files with Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection. Download it now or contact us for live demo.


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