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Best Antivirus for Ransomware the rise of ransomware attack calls for the installation of the best antivirus for ransomware. We are trying to avoid the loss of valuable files and data. Many antivirus companies claim that they are the best antivirus for ransomware, but can they really provide real-time ransomware protection?

Best Antivirus for RansomwareRansomware is one of the fastest-growing malware. From traditional malware that relied on an executable file, it has evolved into fileless ransomware. A threat that is almost resistant to traditional malware detection tools. Before you download anti-ransomware software, check out the following features that make the best antivirus for ransomware:

Best Antivirus for Ransomware: Advanced Behavioural Monitoring

Sophisticated ransomware can evade Signature-Based Detection. It can easily access the hard drive files by providing a valid signature. Behavioral monitoring is for detecting advanced ransomware that can mutate its identifiable features. It monitors a suspicious file and then quarantines it if it shows harmful behavior. The file is observed inside the sandbox. If it is verified as malicious, it is deleted from the computer.


Statista said that in 2018, 66% of Ransomware were delivered by phishing emails. Ransomware hides behind a fake email that installs when the user downloads the infected attachment. It is important to protect yourself against phishing emails to prevent a ransomware infection since that is the common method that hackers use to deliver ransomware. Look for the best antivirus for ransomware with spear phishing protection


Drive-by-download is an unintentional installation of malicious software. This happens behind the background. The user is completely unaware that ransomware is installing on the computer. To prevent a drive-by-download attack, choose the best antivirus for ransomware with drive-by-download detection.

Drive-by-download is rampant today. Even legitimate websites can deliver a drive-by-download because hackers also find a way to infect legitimate websites with malware. Without drive-by-download detection, you will easily fall victim to a ransomware attack.


Ransomware has also turned fileless now. This means that it can infect the computer memory the moment a user opens a phishing email. It needs not an executable file. Once it infects the computer memory, it executes commands using Windows Powershell, a part of a computer designed for system administrators. Then the command gets deleted when the computer restarts, making fileless ransomware undetectable by traditional antivirus. Never let fileless ransomware infect your computer. A fileless malware infection may cause an operating reinstallation. Choose the best antivirus for ransomware with a fileless malware defense system.


For a personal computer, try Xcitium Antivirus. It protects your computer from trojan, spyware, ransomware, keylogger, adware, viruses, and worms using advanced malware detection tools. It has a sandbox technology with a default deny feature. It also has cloud-based behavioral analysis and cloud-based whitelisting. You can download it now for free to get complete malware protection.

For a business network, we recommend Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection. Not only it protects your network from ransomware attacks, but, it also protects your network from zero-day malware and fileless malware attacks.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection consists of the following security layers:


  • The first ever sandbox-based technology that is built upon default-deny protection
  • Automatically contains files with suspicious characteristics when it enters the computer
  • Separates malicious files from legitimate applications to prevent ransomware infections
  • Creates a shadow copy of the hard drive when necessary to determine the file behavior within the computer
  • Protects the computer against spear phishing and drive-by-downloads


  • Advanced security that detects and destroys fileless ransomware and malware
  • Monitors the computer memory against unauthorized modifications
  • Monitors the registry keys
  • Monitors the keyboard to prevent a data-stealing malware from recording keystrokes
  • Protects the hard drive from direct access to secure valuable files and data


  • Monitors the transmission of data within the network
  • Monitors the statuses of endpoint devices
  • Prevents inbound and outbound threats
  • Filters network traffic
  • Monitors active applications
  • Prevents spear phishing


  • A cloud-based platform that detects if the file is safe or malicious in only 40 seconds
  • Faster than those of any traditional anti malware software
  • Uses static and dynamic analysis even a human expert analysis


  • Monitors the active applications on the computer
  • Can reverse the unwanted changes made by the legitimate applications real time
  • Consists of recognizers with advanced behavioral monitoring


  • Allows you to create rules for Internet browsing
  • Allows you to block illicit websites
  • Allows you to track when users attempt to break the rules set for Internet browsing

If you want to secure your network and endpoint devices from ransomware and advanced cyber threats, choose a reputable antivirus for ransomware. Choose Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection. Files and data are essential to business operations. Never let ransomware encrypt them. Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today or contact us for a live demo.


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