Best Ransomware Antivirus

21 Oct, 2022 368 Views
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Ransomware can cause a lot of damage and inconvenience to you when they infect your files. You risk losing your valuable files and indeed your computer until the end of time.

Fortunately, Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is here to protect you against ransomware. Have you ever wondered what it would be like when you have the best ransomware antivirus installed on your computer?

Best Ransomware Antivirus

Best Ransomware Antivirus: Why Choose Xcitium Antivirus and Ransomware Security?

Auto Containment

Imagine your computer being ransomware free at all time. How would you feel when you never have to worry about your files and personal information getting stolen because you have the best ransomware antivirus?

Auto Containment is created so that:

  • Any unknown or suspicious file is run within a protected cell to prevent ransomware infection
  • Your hard drive is immediately protected when ransomware reaches the computer
  • Ransomware can never encrypt or lock your files and a decryption tool to unlock your files is no longer needed


Have you ever been to a huge library with a complete collection of books? That’s what Valkyrie is.

  • It holds every information there is about ransomware, threats, and viruses
  • Since it contains all the important information about malware, it can analyze an unknown file in just 45 seconds. Faster than any other ransomware antivirus
  • It uses Behavioral Monitoring Technique to identify ransomware by its characters and behaviors
  • And Signature-Based Technique to easily identify ransomware by its unique signature

HIPS (Host Intrusion Protection System)

What we have learned about fileless malware is that they can prevent your operating system from booting up normally. They can intrude the computer memory and registry that may result in a blue screen error.

Fortunately, Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection has HIPS that other ransomware antivirus don’t.

  • It’s a powerful security system that protects the computer memory against fileless malware such as VBScript and PowerShell
  • Destroys ransomware before they even enter the computer memory
  • Constantly monitors the operating system and its active applications

Cloud Based Antivirus

Cloud Based Antivirus eliminates the risk of hackers’ gaining control on your computer and files.

  • Consists of multiple detectors and recognizers to quickly identify ransomware when it reaches the computer
  • Blocks ransomware, rootkit, adware, and other types of malware immediately
  • Works efficiently even if it hasn’t been updated


Firewall is created so that you have another line of defense that protects not just the computers but also the network.

  • Monitors the activities and statuses of endpoint devices
  • Protects the entire network from ransomware intrusion
  • Monitors and blocks malicious files on all endpoint devices


VirusScope doesn’t miss a single ransomware. You’re assured that there’s no ransomware hidden on your computer.

  • Provides 100% accuracy about ransomware
  • Provides real-time protection by reversing the action the ransomware has taken
  • Combines various malware detection techniques and detectors in identifying malware

Website Filtering

With Website Filtering, you’re safe from malicious websites that generate fake installers and updates.

  • Allows you to blacklist malicious websites
  • Protects your kids from ransomware brought about by fake installers and updates from a less secure
  • Easy to use and configure

Best Ransomware Antivirus: Why else should you go for Xcitium AEP as your Ransomware Antivirus

Behavior Monitoring Technique

Behavioral Monitoring Technique identifies ransomware without a unique signature. It constantly monitors how an unknown file behaves on your computer and instantly quarantines it when it displays unwanted behavior.

Signature-Based Monitoring Technique

Signature-Based Monitoring Technique uses a list of codes to identify ransomware quickly. It easily identifies malware by its unique signature because ransomware contains a signature that identifies them.

Default Deny

Default Deny is the new feature of Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection. Traditional ransomware antivirus doesn’t have this. They only have Default Allow. Imagine your ransomware antivirus just allowing any unknown file to run on your computer? It may result in malware infection.

With Default Deny, any unknown file is prevented from running on the computer unless it has been carefully analyzed.


Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Security already contains a list of harmful files to quickly prevent them from entering the computer. Any software that is found in the list is automatically blocked.


Xcitium also has a complete list of trusted files from different publishers. It’s constantly updated. A new file is added to or deleted from the list.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote Monitoring and Management makes the ransomware antivirus installation and configuration easier so that you avoid the hassle of installing one by one. You can install on multiple devices at a time.

It also allows the administrator to modify and monitor the security system on the endpoint devices from the main console.

Patch Management

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection does not just keep your computer secure, it also provides credible patches for the operating system when necessary so that the computer performs efficiently. It notifies you when a patch update is available online.

With Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection you avoid the trap of hackers and paying the ransom just to gain access on your files again. It’s better to have Xcitium AEP now than put your computer at risk.

Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection now for free!

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