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Ransomware is very dangerous for your computer. It can hold your data as its hostage and it will demand money to return your files. But before you get persuaded by the cybercriminals, it is important to check out what are other ways to solve the issue. There are some anti ransomware tools you can use to fix the problem made by the ransomware.

Right now, there are many computer security researchers that provide tools that will help you release your PC from the ransomware attacks and don’t ask for a premium payment, although there are some that charges with a minimum amount of price only.

Antivirus Ransomware Removal

Ransomware Tools: Types of Ransomware

Before you use any anti ransomware tools, it important to determine which type of ransomware has infected your computer. Currently, there are considered 4 types of ransomware.

Locker Type

A Locker Type of ransomware is one of the strains of ransomware that locks your computer but doesn’t encrypt your files. The annoying behavior of this ransomware is that it will refrain the victim from using the computer. It could also refrain the victim from accessing a specific file on the computer. The good thing is that there are anti ransomware tools you can use to fix the problem made by the Locker ransomware. The most popular Locker ransomware that spread on the internet is the Reveton ransomware.

Crypto Type

A Crypto type ransomware is a special and most common type of ransomware. This type of ransomware usually encrypts important data inside the computer. You will need a special type of anti ransomware tools in order to resolve the issue made by the Crypto type ransomware. It will be difficult to decrypt the files locked by this ransomware because it uses a special military-grade algorithm encryption methodology. Plus, the encryption is done in the background, so that the victim will have no idea that there is an existing ransomware infection in the computer. Once it is done with the encryption, that’s the only time it will reveal itself in the form of a ransom note on the computer desktop.

Scare -ware Type

A Scare-ware type of ransomware is another type of Ransomware that you will see popping up on your computer desktop while you are browsing the web. Among the three types of ransomware, the scare-ware is the most common and the easiest to address. Sometimes, you will not need to use a ransomware detection tool for this, a decent Anti-virus like the Xcitium Anti-virus will be able to detect and disinfect any strains of this ransomware. To avoid getting infected by this type of ransomware, just refrain from clicking the link that pops up during your browsing activity. Just be cautious by the message it gives that your computer was already infected and needs to scan an online Anti-virus to delete the virus. If you accidentally clicked the link or the dummy anti-virus, that’s the time your computer will get infected.

Mac Ransomware

The MAC ransomware is a special type of ransomware that is specially made for Mac computers. With this type, you will need special anti ransomware tools to solve the issue.The most common Mac ransomware is the KeRanger. It appeared last 2016 and is believed to be the first piece of ransomware to successfully infect Mac computers running OS X. The infection of this ransomware was made through the use of torrent since many are using torrent to download music and videos.

Best Anti Ransomware Tools

Avast Free Ransomware Decryption Tools

This free anti ransomware tool is designed to defeat many kinds of ransomware. This tool is developed to decrypt 21 different strains of file-locking ransomware. Avast has also provided some detailed description of the different ransomware. With this tool, you will need to provide two versions of files -the encrypted one and the original file.

Trend Micro Ransomware File Decryptor

This anti ransomware tools can be downloaded on the internet. It is designed to fix problems from the 27 different breeds of ransomware. The anti ransomware tools are regularly updated by the team of researchers of TrendMicro. The decryption process of this tool is quick and light to resources.

Bitdefender Anti-ransomware

This special type of anti ransomware tools can run alongside the anti-virus software. Bitdefender Anti- ransomware is a handy supplemental security tool, it can protect against some of the most common forms of ransomware and their offshoots.

Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tools

A Kaspersky anti ransomware tools built to protect for your small businesses. It is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses protect their data from such catastrophe. Just like another tool, It will prevent the victim from spreading the viruses.

Xcitium Cleaning Essentials

Xcitium Cleaning Essential(CCE) is a set of computer security tools designed to help users identify and remove any malware and unsafe processes from infected computers. It can instantly identify and stop every untrusted process running on an endpoint with a single click. It has also a powerful anti-virus scanner capable of removing malware, rootkits, hidden files and malicious registry keys hidden deep within a system. This is one of the best anti ransomware tools. Get the free copy now!

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