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Spyware is malicious software that infiltrates your computer to steal personal information. It gathers data and transmits it to the hacker. A spyware infection can lie undetected for a long time for it works silently in the background.

The best anti spyware program detects spyware from the computer. By deeply scanning the system, it gets rid of spyware lurking in the computer. There are different types of spyware that can infect your PC. Keylogger, browser hijacker, and modem hijacker are just some of the examples of spyware.

But if you download the best anti spyware program, it will protect you from:

Best Anti Spyware Program

Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the results of a spyware infection. Spyware steals your personal information by monitoring your computer activities. It records keystrokes to steal passwords. It tracks SMS and phone logs. It also accesses your browsing history. It is important to protect yourself with the best anti spyware program to prevent identity theft.

Unauthorized Transactions

The result of data theft is unauthorized transactions. Hackers can make online transactions under your name. They can also withdraw money using your bank details. Spyware also allows a hacker to make expensive phone calls. To prevent unauthorized charges, install the best anti spyware on the computer.

Zombie Attacks

A zombie attack is when your computer becomes part of a botnet. If that happens, your computer becomes a tool of hackers in conducting cyber attacks. This happens without your knowledge. Your computer can send out spam to spread malware on the Internet. The best anti spyware program prevents zombie attacks.

Network Interruption

Spyware not only slows down the computer, but it can also cause network interruption. Spyware consumes a high amount of data to do its job. This may result in network damage. It will affect your productivity if you are running a business.

The best anti spyware program is essential to protect your PC against spyware infections. Without the best anti spyware program, different types of spyware can easily infect your computer. So what is the best anti spyware program for your PC?

Xcitium Antivirus is an effective anti malware software. It protects your computer against spyware, rootkit, trojan, worms, ransomware, and viruses. It is a reputable anti spyware program for a personal computer. Xcitium Antivirus provides complete malware protection. It is lightweight, so it never slows down your computer. Download it for free.


Companies just like consumers are also at risk of spyware attacks. Hackers target a business network particularly to steal clients’ information. Without a reputable anti malware software, confidential information can get compromised. This will greatly impact your business operation. To prevent spyware infections, protect your network and endpoint devices with the best anti spyware program.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is the central security software that protects the network and endpoints. The notable features of Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection are:


The auto-containment is a sandbox-based technology with a Default Deny feature. It auto-contains any untrusted file before it gains access to the file system. The file is monitored within a virtual container and is released if it is verified as safe. The auto-containment also detects any malicious installation behind the background. If malware bypasses the antivirus, it will be held in the auto-containment.

Host Intrusion Prevention System

The Host Intrusion Prevention System is a sophisticated security feature. It is designed against fileless malware attacks. Fileless malware targets the computer’s memory to stay hidden. HIPS constantly monitors the computer memory and registry to prevent fileless malware infections. It also detects advanced malicious software that is undetectable by the firewall and antivirus.


The firewall filters network traffic. It also monitors data transmission. So if spyware attempts to transmit data to a C&C server, it will be detected in no time.


VirusScope recognizes harmful behavioral designs on endpoint devices. This detects advanced malware that can mutate its identifiable features to evade the detection of the anti-malware software.


Valkyrie is a cloud-based database that uses static and dynamic analysis to determine if the file is harmful or safe. Because it’s cloud-based, it protects the endpoint devices against the latest threats.

If you download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today, your network and endpoints will receive immediate protection against spyware and other types of malware. Try it now for free. You can also contact us for a free demo.


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