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Enterprise Xcitium Ransomware Attacks
Ransomware continues to spread across the digital world. There are still companies paying a big amount of cash to unlock encrypted files and regain their access to their files. Companies could have avoided the ransomware attacks that have occurred recently if they are prepared and have the right protection. In the statistics released by the website Statista, ransomware attacks that have occurred recently rose from 3.2Million in 2014 up to 638 Million in 2016 and 184 Million in 2017. This proves that the cybercriminals are updating and innovating their malware and viruses to earn profits.

List of Latest Ransomware Attacks

Here are the 8 of the most popular ransomware trends that have occurred recently in the cybersecurity landscape

  1. Reyptson
  2. Leakerlocker
  3. Wysiwye
  4. Osiris
  5. Cerber
  6. Locky
  7. NotPetya
  8. Wannacry

Reyptson One of the security researchers was able to discover a new ransomware threat called Reyptson back in July 2017. The Reyptson uses a simple intrusion method. Once it successfully infects the computer, it will check if the Mozilla Thunderbird email client is installed on the computer. If it was able to see the application, the ransomware will attempt to read the victim’s email credentials and contact list. The reason for ransomware attacks that have happened recently does not center on compromising the privacy of the victim. Instead, it collects all the contact lists to launch a spam distribution campaign from the victim’s computer. The spam messages contain fake invoice which contains executable programs for loading up the ransomware.

Leakerlocker Another security researcher team discovered the LeakerLocker ransomware. It was in July 2017 when they found it hiding in two Android applications. The applications are Booster & Cleaner Pro and Wallpaper Blur HD. It became a target because the applications had thousands of installs. This ransomware attacks that have occurred recently doesn’t encrypt an infected device’s files. It does lock the home screen and accesses the device’s email addresses, contact lists, Chrome history, text messages and calls, images, and the device information. The ransomware will display the vital information on the web and demands for payment if the victim doesn’t want their data shared with the public.

Wysiwye Ransomware Statistics: In April 2017, another security researcher detected a new type. The Ransomware attacks that have occurred recently targets a computer via a Remote Desktop Protocol(RDP). The mode of intrusion involves scanning the web for any open RDP server. If the ransomware found one, the cyber-criminals will use a special tool to try certain combinations of passwords to steal the RDP credentials. It can spread the infection in the entire network.

Osiris Last December 2016, a police department in the US discovered a computer virus attack that affected its computers. This ransomware attacks that have occurred recently was spread through email spams. This ransomware is suspected to be a variant of Locky ransomware. Osiris encrypted Microsoft Office documents, car videos, surveillance videos, and some photos. Luckily, the police department has their backup to restore everything.

Cerber Cerber is one of the most dangerous ransomware attacks that have occurred recently. It is one of the most sophisticated crypto ransomware threats ever detected. The ransomware was able to utilize the hard-coded vulnerability from Microsoft and able to spread the infection in the network.

Locky Locky ransomware is one of the most ever-multiplying variants among ransomware families. From February 2016 the infection grows until 2017 when it sent 23 million spam messages in just a matter of 24 hours.

NotPetya NotPetya was first discovered last June 27 when power distributors in Ukraine and the Netherlands affirmed ransomware attacks that affected their systems. Afterward, companies in Spain and Great Britain also reported ransomware attacks. The ransomware attacks that have occurred recently encrypt the Master Boot Record. It also exploited Microsoft’s vulnerability.

Wannacry It happened last May 2017, an improved version of WannaCry ransomware targeted some healthcare institutions in the UK and one internet service provider. The ransomware attacks that have occurred recently demanded $300 in Bitcoin as their ransom. The security researchers found that it exploited Microsoft’s vulnerability that made Microsoft release a patch in March 2017. In total, the ransomware attacks that have occurred recently affected more than 300,000 institutions globally.

Ransomware Attacks Conclusion

Xcitium These ransomware attacks that have occurred recently would have cost a lot of money to the companies. Organizations all over the world must continue in strengthening their security defenses against these threats. Deploying reliable security software like Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection would be a great armor in fighting these threats. Don’t hesitate, to download a free copy today!


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