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Although grayware is not classified as a major threat, it can cause annoying behaviors on a computer. It can also possibly lead to data theft. Below, we’ve listed a few of the best grayware solutions to help you remove grayware from your computer:

Grayware Solutions


#1. Scan the Computer With Google Chrome

Scanning the computer using Google Chrome is one of the best grayware solutions. Unknown to many, Google Chrome has a built-in malware scanner to rid the computer of any unwanted applications, making it one of the best grayware solutions. To scan the computer with Google Chrome, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the three dots on the upper right section of Google Chrome.
  • Click on “Settings.”
  • Go to “Advanced” at the very bottom of the page.
  • Click on “Clean Computer.”
  • In the next page, click on “Find.”

The malware scanning process may take awhile, as Google Chrome has to scan the entire computer for malware and other unwanted programs.

#2. Reset the Browser to Default

Resetting the browser to its factory default is also one of the best grayware solutions. As grayware steals browsing activities, it commonly pretends to be a legitimate plugin on the browser toolbar.

Resetting the browser to default may not be the best idea, particularly if you have important bookmarks. But it will definitely sort out your grayware problem on the computer. The steps below are applicable for Google Chrome users:

  • Click on the three dots on the upper right side of Chrome.
  • Click on “Settings.”
  • Go to “Advanced.”
  • Choose “Restore Settings to their original defaults.”
  • Confirm your action by clicking on “Reset.”

When Chrome resets, it will be back to its clean state.

#3. Programs and Features

Uninstalling malicious applications from Programs and Features is also one of the best grayware solutions. All installed applications on the computer are listed in Programs and Features. You may have unknowingly installed grayware embedded in malicious software.

  • Click on “Start.”
  • Go to “Control Panel.”
  • Choose “Programs and Features.”
  • Look for any suspicious application and uninstall it.
  • Exit but don’t restart the computer yet.

Remember, as long as the malicious application is installed, your computer will never be grayware-free. The malicious application will keep reinstalling grayware silently in the background.

#4. Remove Grayware Residual From the TEMP folder

The grayware residual in the TEMP folder may also reinstall itself if left undeleted. So, deleting the temporary files is important. You may not necessarily spot grayware in the temp folder, but you can delete all the temporary files, as they are not completely essential.

  • Type “%temp%” in the Windows search bar.
  • When the temp folder opens, clear all the temporary files.

Deleting temporary internet files speeds up grayware removal.

#5. Anti Malware Software

Scanning the computer with anti malware software is undoubtedly the best grayware solution. Through anti malware software, you not only ensure grayware removal, but you also guarantee that your computer systems remain malware-free.

The anti malware software goes through the critical folders on the computer, including the registry, hard disk, and computer memory. In the malware scanning process, the anti malware software purges the folders of unwanted programs, including grayware.

Not only is anti malware software one of the best grayware solutions, but it’ll also protect your computer from potential cyber attacks by constantly monitoring your computer.

Just download reputable and effective anti malware software. Once it has installed successfully, click on full scan on the user interface. Next, the anti malware software will scan the entire computer for grayware and malware.

When the malware scanning process is finished, you may now restart the computer. Check out the best anti malware software here.


Using the best grayware solutions, you’ve managed to have complete grayware removal on your computer. It is important to never let grayware onto your computer again. Although it is not necessarily a major threat, a grayware infection can still result in identity theft.

Preventing grayware is also considered one of the best grayware solutions. Here’s how you can prevent grayware from your computer:

  • Develop good browsing habits. You may inadvertently download grayware on your computer if you’re not being cautious when you go online. Good browsing habits can also be considered one of the best grayware solutions.
  • Avoid opening suspicious emails.
  • Avoid downloading cracked software, as they are often embedded with malware and grayware.
  • Scan URLs before clicking on them; through anti malware software, phishing links will be automatically detected.
  • Avoid visiting malicious websites.


Grayware is not a major threat, but if left undetected and unremoved, it can steal personal information and consume computer resources. With the help of effective grayware solutions, you can prevent grayware from infecting your computer systems.

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