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A keylogger is a malicious application designed to record keystrokes. Sometimes, users download a keylogger inadvertently on their devices. In this article, we’ll discuss how to download keylogger onto your computer without your knowledge.

how not to Download Keylogger


There are numerous ways a keylogger can get inside your computer, and it’s important to know them so you can stay vigilant.

Method 1: Fake Emails

Fake emails are the number-one cause of malware infections worldwide. They conceal the keylogger behind deceptive attachments, tricking users into opening it by creating a sense of urgency. Once the user falls for this trick, they will inadvertently download a keylogger on their computer. That’s how to download keylogger through spear phishing, or fake emails.

Method 2: Fake Software

Fake software is also another leading cause of malware infections. These are applications disguised as legitimate ones and typically won’t be suspected as fake. The reason many users fall for this trick is that it hides the keylogger behind a seemingly harmless program.

It pops up on the screen while the user is browsing online. Often, the application it is disguised as is related to the user’s online searches, to lure them in more easily.

Fake software can be difficult to detect. If there’s no anti malware software installed on the computer, you may need to use a third scanner to detect and block it. That’s how to download keylogger through fake software.

Method 3: Phishing URLs

Phishing URLs are deceptive links that lurk on different websites. They can also be found on legitimate websites. Phishing URLs make false promises. They redirect users to malicious websites but never provide a free download of the software.

Phishing URLs may also generate a fake login page to steal usernames and passwords. The information entered is transmitted to the hacker via a remote server.

Method 4: Malvertising

Malvertising is short for malicious advertisement. It is an ad that installs malware in the background. Hackers that know how to install a keylogger sometimes make ads designed to install one when users close the ads. It can also redirect users to websites run by hackers to generate revenue.

A malicious ad is difficult to detect, but the malware it installs silently in the background can be detected and blocked by anti malware software.

Method 5: Exploit Kits

Exploits are tools designed to inject malware like a keylogger through a system vulnerability. Hackers deploy exploit kits to scan devices and web browsers for unknown vulnerabilities.

Often, it exploits outdated software, weak passwords, and outdated plugins or add-ons. Once a vulnerability is discovered, a keylogger goes through the computer. That’s how to download keylogger through exploit kits.


A keylogger is not something we want on our computer, so it is important to protect your device from this malicious software. Now that you know how to download keylogger, how can you prevent it from happening?

Keep Software Up to Date

As mentioned early on, a keylogger can get installed through exploit kits. It is essential to keep your computer up to date to prevent a keylogger from getting through system vulnerabilities. Installing software updates is an important component of cyber security because it fixes bugs, glitches, and vulnerabilities that hackers exploit.

Avoid Downloading Crack Software

Malware can easily pretend to be legitimate software. However, if you only download from trusted vendors and websites, you can prevent falling victim to fake software. Free applications are widespread on the Internet. Verify the publisher before you download and install any application.

Avoid Opening Suspicious Emails

We are already aware that spear phishing is the leading cause of malware infections. Not opening emails from anonymous senders will help prevent malware infections.

Here are the things to remember about spear phishing:

  • It creates a sense of urgency by using threats or triggering curiosity.
  • It is from an anonymous sender.
  • It demands that you download the email attachment.

If you notice these in an email, just delete it — it’s spear phishing.

Install Anti Malware Software

This is, by far, the most important component of cybersecurity. A computer without anti malware software is like an unarmed soldier on a battlefield. The World Wide Web contains the most dangerous malware. They are lurking, waiting for a vulnerable device to invade.

The anti malware software will keep your computer safe from malware attacks. It monitors your computer against malware to identify it in no time. Just look for reputable anti malware software online.


Now you know how to download keylogger on accident. A keylogger is a stealthy software that can get installed on a computer without the user’s awareness. Knowing how hackers install malware on IoT devices will help prevent a keylogger infection. Also, remember that anti malware software is an essential tool to keep your data and computer safe from varieties of cyber threats.

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