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Xcitium ITSM

Xcitium ITSM simplifies all your IT and security management needs together into a unified console that streamlines operations and reduces risk, across your Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Xcitium IT and Security Manager provides a single consolidated dashboard of all devices and their status. IT admins can easily act on issues; report on current risk, and push changes enterprise wide. ITSM brings together IT asset management and support, with comprehensive profile driven enterprise security. Resulting in reduced risk and complexity, and providing todays oversubscribed workforce with a solution they can actually manage.

Product overlap and multiple management tools leave you with limited visibility and potential security gaps. Today, Xcitium has integrated these critical components under a single, unified console Advanced Endpoint Protection management platform.

Enterprise Xcitium ITSM


Xcitium’s IT and Security Manager allows for the configuration of security policies and visibility into the security posture and health of your enterprise endpoints, while the ITSM Mobile Device Manager and Inventory Manager allow for the remote provisioning, configuration and control of android, iOS and Windows devices.

Enterprise Xcitium Mobile Device Management


Unlike many products, which must be glued together through integration, ITSM combines mobile device, application, and security management into a single enterprise class solution designed from the ground up. Create default security profiles for devices and endpoints, schedule regular malware scans, create application blacklists and whitelists, define password complexity, restrict device access to corporate mail, force encrypted communications, track user activity and more. Mobile Device Management

Enterprise Xcitium RMM


Remote management, including ultra-fast remote desktop sharing and full device takeover as well as remote monitoring including (full stealth) allows your IT team to provide support and ensure compliance throughout your distributed enterprise and for your remote users. Anti-theft features such as find-my-device, & ’sneak peak’ ensure lost or stolen assets can be investigated or recovered.

Enterprise Xcitium Patch Management


Patch Management Empowers administrators with bulk or selective and update schedules to push critical applications and security updates out to endpoints, reducing risk to your organization by known exploits in the wild.

EnterpriseXcitium ITSM Conclusion

Let us show you how Xcitium email security solutions will allow you to reclaim your email with a range of cutting-edge technologies that will enable you to archive and respond to emergency situations, while at the same time effectively detecting and blocking spam, malicious emails, and targeted attacks.

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