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A keylogger blocker is a great tool for preventing data breaches. Using a keylogger blocker, you can prevent hackers from stealing your personal information.


A keylogger blocker often referred to as anti keylogger is an application for detecting and blocking keyloggers from the computer. It monitors the keyboard against malicious applications to prevent unauthorized access.


A keylogger blocker may consist of a Signature Based-Detection and Behavioral Monitoring.

Signature-Based Detection

Signature-Based Detection is a technique for identifying keyloggers by its signature. It also used by trusted anti malware software to identify malware. Threats including keyloggers consist of codes or signatures that identify them.

A keylogger blocker may use Signature-Based Detection to detect keyloggers. It collects the file signature and analyzes it. If the signature matches any of the virus signatures in the database, the keylogger blocker flags it as a threat and removes it from the computer. That’s one technique to detect and block a keylogger.

Behavioral Monitoring

Behavioral Monitoring is for detecting keyloggers without a fixed signature. Some types of keyloggers can mutate their signature to evade detection. A keylogger blocker may use Behavioral Monitoring to determine if the file is malicious by monitoring its behavioral pattern.

If a file attempts to access or the camera, a keylogger blocker may contain to further analyze its behavior. If the file continues to display harmful behaviors, the keylogger blocker removes it from the computer. That’s another way to identify a keylogger.


Mobile Devices

If you want to protect your smartphone from a keylogger, you can install a keylogger blocker for mobile devices. It prevents a keylogger from intercepting the keys you type on your phone. Thus, keeps your SMS, chats, call logs, and online searches safe.

There are free keylogger blockers available for download online, just choose a trusted software that can protect your smartphone.

Personal Computers

Personal computers are susceptible to a keylogger attack. Hackers may install a keylogger on personal computers by spear phishing, drive-by-downloads, and fake software. The reason why personal computers are more prone to keylogger attacks is they are used for making transactions online.

If you want to protect your personal information when you use your computer, install a trusted anti keylogger for personal computers. It detects and blocks different types of keyloggers that reach your computer. It can recognize a keylogger concealed behind a fake email, fake software, or a URL.

Endpoint Devices

Endpoint devices are also the target of hackers to steal company information. A keylogger infection on an endpoint device may lead to a data breach. If you wish you to protect your endpoint devices from a keylogger attack, you need anti malware software with endpoint protection.

It monitors the entire network and endpoint devices against a keylogger attack using a single console. With the security agent installed on endpoint devices, the central server can monitor any malicious activities on endpoint devices.


Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is a security solution designed to protect a business network and endpoint devices. It prevents varieties of cyber threats including the different types of keyloggers.

Keyboard Protection

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection deals with the different types of keyloggers using HIPS or Host Intrusion Prevention System. It is an advanced feature that constantly monitors the keyboard against unauthorized access.

The Host Intrusion Prevention System also protects computer memory and registry against malicious modifications. It prevents fileless malware from getting access to the kernel of the operating system.

Inbound and Outbound Threat Protection

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection also prevents unwanted traffic by filtering network traffic. It lets you block or allow traffic to your network. Thus, prevents network disruption.

It also detects any malicious activities on endpoint devices by monitoring data transmission on endpoint devices. It can easily detect spear phishing and drive-by-download attacks on endpoint devices.

Default Deny Security

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection prevents any untrusted file from infecting the hard drive. Built upon Default Deny, it detects any malicious file before it gains access to the file system.

It runs any unknown application in a virtual container when it enters an endpoint device. If the file is safe is released. But if it is malicious, it is removed from the computer. Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection never leaves a window open for malware infections.


A keylogger blocker is an effective tool for detecting and blocking different types of keyloggers. Install a trusted anti keylogger on your device now to prevent your personal information from getting compromised.

Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint today to protect your endpoint devices. Or contact us to get a live demo.

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