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An anti keylogger tool is an application designed to detect and block keyloggers from IoT devices that prevents sensitive information from getting stolen.

A keylogger is a malicious application that works silently in the background, making it difficult to detect. Even its installation can occur without the user’s knowledge. But an anti keylogger tool can easily identify a keylogger program.

Keylogger Tool


Scans Applications

When an application enters the computer, it must be verified if it’s safe or malicious to prevent a malware infection. The anti keylogger tool deep scans the application and analyzes the file signature.

If the signature is not found in the list of virus codes, it’s allowed on the computer. But if it’s found in the list, it is flagged as a threat and deleted.

Monitors Behavioral Patterns

Some types of keyloggers can mutate their signature, thus bypassing the first line of defense. Then they can start to modify the computer setting in the background to carry out their goal.

However, an anti keylogger tool is equipped with behavioral monitoring or heuristics that recognizes malicious behavioral patterns quickly. If a keylogger that evades signature detection shows a harmful behavior, the anti keylogger tool will constantly monitor it. If it continues to display harmful behaviors, it is contained.

Sandboxes Suspicious Applications

The suspicious application is contained in the sandbox. It is a protected space within the computer that separates the suspicious application from legitimate software to prevent malware infection.

The anti keylogger tool further observes and analyzes the application to identify its intent on the computer. If it exceeds the parameter that the anti keylogger tool sets, it’s flagged as a threat.

Removes Keylogger

Once the anti keylogger tool confirms that the suspicious application is malicious, it is removed immediately from the computer. When another application enters the computer, the process repeats.

Using an anti keylogger tool, you can prevent data breaches and identity theft. So, it is important to install an anti keylogger on your computer. There’s also an anti keylogger tool specifically designed for mobile devices.

Nowadays, hackers can easily install a keylogger program on different IoT devices, using advanced hacking techniques such as fake software, spear phishing, malvertising, malicious pop-ups, and phishing links. The reason, of course, is to steal personal information.

Without an anti keylogger tool installed on your device, you will easily fall victim to a keylogger attack. So, it is advisable to download and install an effective anti keylogger tool on your device as soon as possible.


Out of many cybersecurity solutions available, Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is one of the most effective. It is an endpoint security software that can protect your network and endpoint devices against varieties of malware such as keyloggers, ransomware, trojans, zero-day malware, and spyware.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection has seven layers of defense.

  • Antivirus.
  • Valkyrie.
  • Firewall.
  • VirusScope.
  • Auto-Containment.
  • Host Intrusion Prevention System.
  • Web Filtering.


The antivirus is the first line of defense that instantly detects known threats such as worms, viruses, ransomware, trojans, spyware, and more. Because it is cloud-based, it also protects your endpoint devices against unknown threats.


Valkyrie is a cloud-based platform that uses static and dynamic analysis to identify malware. If necessary, it also sends the malware information to human expert for analysis. Valkyrie is a fast verdict platform that can provide a verdict within 40 seconds.


The firewall filters network traffic and monitors data transmission, thus detecting potential threats before they even reach the network and endpoint device. The firewall defends the entire network against DDoS and malicious web bot attacks.


VirusScope is a smart-machine-learning technology that can recognize malicious behavior in no time. Before the suspicious application can harm the computer, VirusScope contains and separates it.


This is where the suspicious application is held. What makes Auto-Containment different from other sandboxing technologies is that it’s built upon Default Deny, which means that it automatically contains any unknown and suspicious applications when they enter the computer to prevent malware from infecting the file system.

Host Intrusion Prevention System

The Host Intrusion Prevention is an advanced security feature that deals with a keylogger program and fileless malware. It constantly monitors the keyboard, computer memory, registry, and disk to prevent malicious modifications.

Web Filtering

Web filtering enables the administrator to whitelist and blacklist websites. This prevents other users from accessing malicious and inappropriate websites.


A keylogger can hit your computer anytime without a warning. Because it is difficult to detect, you might not even know that it is silently recording your personal information. To prevent a keylogger from getting on your computer, install an effective and trusted anti keylogger tool.

Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today. Or contact us for a live demo.

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