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Malware Antivirus CleanerIf malware infects your computer, you need an anti malware antivirus cleaner to get rid of malware before it does further damage to your computer.


If malware infects your computer, you would notice the following signs on your PC:

1. Annoying Pop-ups

Malware generates unwanted pop-ups on the computer. Designed to generate revenue for the advertiser who made an agreement with the malware author, the pop-ups redirect you to unwanted websites. These pop-ups also fund the production of malware. So if you notice annoying pop-ups that never go away, your PC has got a malware infection. You need an effective anti malware antivirus cleaner to remove the cause of infection.

2. Slow Computer

Malware slows down the computer because it consumes much of the computer resources. It leaves insufficient memory for legitimate applications to run properly. Therefore, important programs become sluggish. To make your computer efficient again, you need to get rid of malware that consumes a great amount of memory. Download an anti malware antivirus cleaner to clean up the hard drive and remove malware from the file system.

3. Encrypted Files

Malware can encrypt valuable files. It changes the symmetric key originally generated by the application that denies your access to the files. You cannot decrypt them without a decryption key. If you wish to get the decryption key, you need to pay the ransom that the hacker demands. To prevent malware from encrypting more files on the computer, you need a trusted anti malware antivirus cleaner that can remove this type of malware. You can find effective anti malware antivirus cleaner free downloads online.

4. Weird Add-ons on the Browser

Malware can add malicious add-ons on your browser’s toolbar. These malicious add-ons are designed to redirect you to malicious websites. They can also steal personal information by tracking your browsing history. These malicious add-ons transmit the stolen information to a C&C server. To prevent malicious add-ons on your browser, protect your computer with an anti malware antivirus cleaner. The anti malware software can detect malicious add-ons on browsers.

5. Changed Security Setting

Malware lowers the security setting to function without restrictions. It can disable the user account control to gain administrator privileges. This also enables hackers to gains access to the computer without the user’s awareness. If you notice that your security setting has changed for no reason, it could a sign of malware infections. Consider scanning your computer for malware with an anti malware antivirus cleaner.


Choosing an anti malware antivirus cleaner wisely is important because we are now in the age of advanced malware. Which means that the chances of malware evading detection are higher. If the anti malware antivirus cleaner that you will install is conventional, you are more likely to fall victim to malware infections again. We know that is no fun.

To protect your personal computer against varieties, download Xcitium Anti Malware Software. It provides complete protection against trojan, spyware, ransomware, worms, and viruses. It is lightweight and never interrupts your computer activities while monitoring your computer for threats. Get it here for free.

To protect a business network against malware, anti malware software with endpoint protection is essential. Endpoints may fall victim to malware attacks if left unprotected.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is a reputable security software that can keep your network and endpoint devices safe from malware attacks.


Complete Hard Drive Protection

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection monitors the hard drive against direct access. To prevent malicious files from accessing the computer, it deploys an auto-containment that is built on Default Deny. This feature denies a file’s access to the hard drive until it is confirmed safe.

Fileless Malware Prevention

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection also protects computer memory against fileless malware. It monitors computer memory against malicious modifications. It also monitors the registry keys from getting deleted and modified. Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection also prevents keyloggers from getting direct access to the keyboard.

Inbound and Outbound Threats Protection

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection filters network traffic to prevent malicious attacks against the network. To keep the endpoint devices safe from drive-by-downloads, it monitors data transmission within the network. The data sent and received by the endpoint devices go through the firewall.

There’s a saying that goes prevention is better than cure. Indeed, it is a fact. It is better to prevent a malware infection with a trusted anti malware antivirus cleaner than deal with it. Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today or contact us for a live demo.


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