Spyware – is it a serious threat on the computer?

21 Oct, 2022 754 Views
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Spyware is a type of malware that is dangerous to the computer. It installs itself without the user’s knowledge and performs malicious activities on the computer.

What is Spyware Malware?

How Spyware enters the computer

Spyware enters the computer through an infected software or pop-up. Hackers also install it through a website cookie exploitation. Spyware cannot get installed on the computer unless the user opens the software or attachments that contain Spyware.

When the user runs or opens the infected program, Spyware installs itself secretly. It is difficult to detect Spyware because it is designed to operate without being exposed. Often times, the user has no knowledge of Spyware monitoring the computer activities. This allows Spyware to collect unlimited information from the user.

What happens if Spyware hits the computer

Spyware is known to gather information from the user and sends it to the hacker. So when Spyware hits the computer, the user’s personal information is compromised. Since Spyware can hijack the browser, it sees what the user searches on the Internet. The information collected can be used to steal identity, hack the user’s account, and steal money.

Spyware also records phone and video conversation, even messages and emails. Basically, it can track almost everything. So when Spyware hits the computer, the user’s privacy is also compromised.

Hackers use Spyware to turn on the camera and microphone to watch the victim and listen to a conversation. Those are some of the risks when Spyware gets in the computer.

What are the different types of Spyware


Keylogger tracks and saves the keys typed on the keyboard. Even if the password is obscured, Keylogger captures it including the date and time. The information is compiled and relayed to the person who controls the Keylogger.

Browser Hijacker

Browser Hijacker is known to redirect the user to unwanted websites full of advertisements to increase traffic and ad views. It also changes the browser setting that leads the user to a fake website to steal personal information.


Adware records the user’s website history and browsing activities. The information collected is sold to advertising companies. The advertising companies use the information to insert ads related to the user’s searches on the Internet.

Modem Hijacker

Just as the name implies, Modem Hijacker hijacks the phone line. It is used to make international calls. If the phone is bundled with the Internet service, a hacker also uses it to surf the web for free.

What is Spyware malware sign on the computer

  • 1. Unknown BookmarkSpyware creates unwanted bookmarks on the search engine. These bookmarks redirects the user to unwanted or fake pages. If there’s an unknown bookmark on the browser, it could be a sign of Spyware.
  • 2. Unknown icon on the TaskbarSpyware installs a malicious program on the computer to monitor the computer activities. If there’s an unknown icon on the Taskbar or desktop, it could the program the hacker uses to spy on the computer.
  • 3. Pop-upsSince Spyware is known to generate unwanted ads and pop-ups, getting different pop-ups on the computer is a sign that Spyware hits the computer. This pop-ups are usually stubborn and keep reappearing at their will.
  • 4. Slow ComputerSpyware infects the legitimate programs on the computer. If the computer is unusually slow, it could be a sign that Spyware has already destroyed the applications on the computer that results in reduced speed and performance.
  • 5. URL RedirectionBeing redirected to unknown websites is another sign of Spyware. It inserts deceptive links on the browser to redirect the user to different websites that are under the hacker’s control.

What to do if Spyware hits the computer

If Spyware hits the computer, it is important to remove it immediately. Disabling Spyware is the first step to eliminating it. It must be disabled in Start-Up to stop its activities on the computer.

Once it’s disabled, scanning the computer with an anti malware software is essential to remove Spyware. The anti malware software takes care of the Spyware and the other malware hiding in the computer.

With the Spyware successfully removed, restart the PC. That should have eliminated any trace of Spyware from the computer.

Protecting the computer is as important as having a better understanding of what is spyware malware to prevent it from invading the computer.

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