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An antivirus for malware virus protects you from harmful threats that are spread on the Internet. Thus, keeps your valuable files and data safe.

Antivirus For Malware VirusBelow are the different types of malware that antivirus for malware virus protects you from:

1. Trojan

Have you listened of the Trojan horse that led to the destruction of the Troy kingdom? That’s where the term trojan is determined. It pretends as a useful application however it is destructive. The trojan can install backdoor access that enables a hacker to access the victim’s computer anytime. It too installs other types of malware such as spyware, keylogger, and adware. Trojan is a perilous malware. You need an advanced antivirus for malware virus or the best free anti malware software to detect and anticipate it from infecting the computer.

2. Spyware

Frequently bundled with Trojan, spyware is another stealthy malware that’s utilized for stealing sensitive information. It tracks your call logs and SMS. It also records your browsing activities to steal your username and passwords. The information collected is transmitted to the hacker through a remote server. You need a great antivirus for malware virus to prevent spyware from the computer.

3. Ransomware

Ransomware is a malware that encrypts files and locks computers. It demands a ransom later that must be paid in bitcoins to unlock files and computers. What is alarming about a ransomware attack is an irreversible data loss. You need the decryption key to unlock your files, but it may cost a lot. A reputable antivirus for malware virus will prevent ransomware from infecting your computer.

4. Rootkit

A rootkit is a malware that resides in the kernel of the operating system. It loads before the operating system does. It is used mainly for concealing the other malware installed on the computer. If malware is bundled with a rootkit, its removal will be difficult. Rootkit prevents the removal of the malware. The two malicious software work together to steal personal information and credentials. Don’t fall victim to a rootkit attack. Install an antivirus for malware virus that can detect a rootkit immediately.

5. Keylogger

A keylogger is a malware that records keystrokes to steal personal information. It transmits the information to the hacker. The hacker then can use the information to make unauthorized transactions. A keylogger is often delivered by fake software and it can lie undetected for a long time. You need a good antivirus for malware virus to prevent a keylogger infection.


A good antivirus for malware virus should be able to protect you from the latest threats and advanced cyber attacks.

For a personal computer, try Xcitium Antivirus for malware virus. It is equipped with the best malware detection and removal tools to recognize and remove malware instantly. It protects you from adware, rootkit, trojan, keylogger, spyware, and other varieties of malware. It is one of the best free anti malware software that you can download for free.

For a personal computer, try Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection. It is one of the best free anti malware software for endpoint devices.


Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection deploys multi-layered security against threats.

Cloud-based Antivirus

  • Instantly detects any known threats on endpoint devices
  • Protects endpoint devices from unregistered threats
  • With highly configurable scanners


  • Provides the best protection against ransomware
  • Detects drive-by-downloads attacks
  • Prevents phishing emails attacks on endpoints
  • Auto-contains any untrusted file within a virtual container
  • Prevents zero-day malware attacks

Host Intrusion Prevention System

  • Detects and removes fileless from endpoint devices
  • Ensures that the computer memory and registry are free of malicious modifications
  • Protects the keyboard from keyloggers
  • Protects the file system from unauthorized access


  • A cloud-based platform that uses static and dynamic analysis to detect malware
  • Determines if a file is malicious. Faster than any cloud-based platform out there
  • Contains the list of good and bad files from different publishers


  • Prevents DDoS attacks
  • Protects the network and endpoint devices from inbound and outbound threats
  • Monitors data transmission and traffic
  • Monitors active applications that send and receive data


  • Detects malicious behavioral patterns using advanced recognizers
  • Prevents sophisticated malware attacks on endpoint devices

Malware are prevalent and they are growing more sophisticated. A traditional antivirus for malware virus may not be enough. Protect yourself with advanced antivirus for malware virus to keep your network and endpoint devices safe even from sophisticated malware attacks.

Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today or contact us to get a live demo.


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