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Antivirus anti malware software is essential, particularly in this age of advanced malware attacks. It protects you from cyber threats and saves you the trouble brought about by malware infections.

Antivirus Anti Malware


1. Antivirus Anti Malware Software Protects you from Malware that is Growing More Sophisticated

Malware keeps growing more sophisticated. According to the cyber security companies’ predictions, malware evasion will rise in 2019. In the past, traditional antivirus anti malware software could counter malware in no time. Over the years, the malware authors have realized that traditional malware would no longer work, as antivirus anti malware software kept getting better at detecting malware. So, they have developed advanced evasion techniques to bypass antivirus anti malware software.

From an executable malware, we now deal with Polymorphic and fileless malware. Polymorphic malware has no fixed signature. It can change its patterns and presents a valid signature to get past an antivirus anti malware software. While fileless malware attacks the computer memory to remain invisible in the file system.

If malware keeps getting more sophisticated, so do the antivirus anti malware software. Cyber security firms also continue to innovate their antivirus anti malware software to combat new age threats. By closely analysing newly discovered malware, they develop malware removal techniques against advanced malware. So, if you don’t have antivirus anti malware software on the computer, download a trusted malware removal tool now. It protects your computer from evolved malware.

2. Antivirus Anti Malware Software Protects you from Increasing Malware Attacks

As malware keeps growing more sophisticated, malware attacks become rampant. Do you know that there are 2,000 attacks that happen every day? That number is just for ransomware attacks alone. Most malware is deployed by phishing emails, which is the leading cause of malware infections. According to CSO, 92 percent of malware were distributed by phishing emails in 2018. Spear Phishing or a phishing email tricks many users because it creates a sense of urgency. A user who is unaware of how social engineering works, will easily fall victim to a spear phishing attack.

Spear phishing is not the only leading cause of malware infections, drive-by-download also contributes to increasing malware attacks. It installs malware secretly in the background. When users visit a malware infected website, malware installs without their knowledge. Without antivirus anti malware software on the computer, this will go undetected. Antivirus anti malware software detects spear phishing and drive-by-downloads that prevents malware attacks.


Now that we know why antivirus anti malware software is important, it is highly recommended to invest in a reputable antivirus anti malware software to stay safe even if malware attacks are growing fast. However, if you are not ready to invest in anti-malware software yet, there are malware removal tools free downloads on the Internet such as Xcitium Anti Malware.

Xcitium Anti Malware protects your personal computer against varieties of cyber threats. It monitors your computer quietly in the background to prevent the entry of malicious software. It never interrupts your computer activities. It is also lightweight, so it doesn’t slow down your computer. Download it now for free.


A business network needs more advanced malware protection because it contains valuable data from the company. According to Small Business Trends 43 percent of malware attacks target small enterprises. If you are looking for a reputable security solution with endpoint protection, try Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection protects the network and endpoint devices from advanced cyber-attacks.

Against ransomware attacks, it sends the Auto-Containment built on Default Deny. The Auto-Containment may be a sandbox-based technology that automatically quarantines any untrusted files. It prevents ransomware from reaching the file system. It also detects spear phishing and drive-by-downloads.

To prevent fileless malware attacks, Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection deploys the Host Intrusion Prevention System. It protects the computer memory and registry against fileless malware attacks. It also monitors the keyboard against direct access to prevent keyloggers from stealing passwords.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection also prevents DDoS attacks by filtering network traffic and data transmission. The data sent to and received by endpoint devices go through the firewall to detect malicious activities in no time.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection has a cloud-based database that provides a verdict in only 40 seconds. So any malicious files are identified instantly.

Investing in an effective security solution is essential to keep your business safe from fast-growing malware. Contact us now for a live demo or download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today.


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