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Enterprise Xcitium Best Free Anti-Malware Software Dowload
To keep your computer safe from cyber threats you need to install an effective anti malware software. If you are you looking for the best free anti malware software download, check out the following features first. The best free anti malware software download should have:


Behavioral Monitoring is for detecting malware that can evade detection by mutating its signature. Malware keep evolving. If malware could be easily recognized by its signature before. Now, malware can change its signature to get past an antivirus. If you are looking for the Best Free Anti Malware Software Download tool, check out if it uses advanced behavioral monitoring to detect sophisticated malware.


A sandbox quarantines suspicious files. It sets the malicious software apart from legitimate applications to prevent malware infections. A sandbox is a good malware detection tool because it allows the suspicious file to be monitored within a protected space in the computer. It only releases a file once it is confirmed as safe. Almost all of the best free anti malware software download use a sandbox. It’s the sandbox features that make the difference.

Cloud-based Antivirus

An antivirus is different from an anti malware software. The antivirus is the first line of defense and works alongside anti malware software. A cloud-based antivirus protects the computer against known threats. Some examples are keylogger, trojan, rootkit, spyware, viruses, ransomware, and worms. Although malware keeps evolving, a good antivirus should be able to protect you against varieties of malware.

Drive-by-Download Detection

A drive-by-download is one of the primary tools of hackers to spread malware worldwide. A drive-by-download means malware installs secretly in the background, making it hard to detect. It’s the malicious websites that spread malware via drive-by-downloads. Even legitimate websites are also at risk of malware infections. Hackers are able to insert malware on legitimate websites. So when the user visits an infected website, malware gets installed. To prevent drive-by-downloads, choose the best free anti malware software download with drive-by-download detection.

Phishing Protection

A phishing email is the leading cause of malware infections. It is a fake email that contains an infected attachment. Once the user opens it, malware installs. That’s not the only form of phishing. There’s also a phishing URL that redirects the user to a fake login to steal personal information. To avoid falling victim to phishing attacks, install the best free anti malware software download with phishing protection.

Fileless Malware Protection

Fileless malware is a sophisticated malware that attacks the computer memory and registry. By residing in the computer memory, it becomes invisible in the file system, evading the detection of the anti malware software. If fileless malware infects the computer memory the worst thing that could happen is an operating system reinstallation. Fileless malware is difficult to remove. So it is important to keep it out of the computer. Install the best free anti malware software download with a fileless malware defense.

If you are looking for the best free anti malware software download for your personal computer, try Xcitium Anti Malware. It is one of the best malware removal tools. It deep scans the computer to detect and remove malware. It also cleans the registry of malicious entries.

For a business network, Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is a reputable security solution that can protect the network and endpoint devices against advanced cyber attacks. What are the features of Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection?


  • Cloud-based verdict platform
  • Protects the endpoint devices against the latest threats
  • Provides a verdict in less than 40 seconds
  • Uses static and dynamic analysis to detect threats

Host Intrusion Prevention System

  • Protects the registry and computer memory against malicious modifications
  • Protects the keyboard and hard drive against direct access
  • Detects fileless malware in no time


  • Filters network traffic
  • Monitors data transmission
  • Monitors the active applications on endpoint devices
  • Prevents inbound and out threats


  • The first sandbox-based technology that is built upon Default Deny
  • Detects ransomware in no time
  • Detects drive-by-downloads
  • Prevents spear phishing attacks
  • Auto-contains any untrusted files


  • Advanced behavioral monitoring tool
  • Recognizes harmful behavioral patterns in no time
  • Detects sophisticated types of malware

Website Filtering

  • Allows an administrator to blacklist and whitelist websites
  • Allows an administrator to restrict users from accessing inappropriate websites
  • Blocks malicious websites that prevents malware infections

If you own a business network, it is important to secure your network and endpoints with a reputable security solution. That prevents data loss and identity theft. Download Xcitium Advanced Protection today or contact us for a free live demo.


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