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21 Oct, 2022 3062 Views
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Everyday malware engineers unleash around 250,000 new strains of malicious applications according to the AV-Test Institution. In 2016 and 2017 alone, the threat lab collected around 144 and 127 million strains respectively. At any given time, a traditional antivirus solution will only be able to handle 40% of these threats as the other 60% are newer, emerging malware.

Best Malware Removal Xcitium Forensic Analysis: Deep Malware Scan

These threats require a deeper and specialized malware scan. Enter Xcitium Forensic Analysis Malware Scan– a threat analysis software from Xcitium as part of a suite for best malware removal. Xcitium Forensic Analysis works together with the following software as a premium malware scan:

Xcitium Antivirus

The Xcitium Forensic Analysis Malware Scan is for deep scanning. To activate best malware removal we suggest installing the Xcitium Antivirus. The Xcitium Antivirus removes 99.99% of known threats and received the honor of being the best antivirus for windows PCs for February 2018 from AV Test. Combining its strength with the forensic analysis tool will help ensure best malware scan.

Xcitium Dome

In case you want a more layered solution for your enterprise on top of your Xcitium Forensic Analysis tool, there’s Xcitium Dome. Xcitium Dome serves as a proactive solution against emerging threats by providing a modular cloud-delivered secure web platform. It combines several security solutions like a firewall, email protection, malware and trojan virus removal in one package.

Xcitium Antispam

Malware like ransomware penetrate the system through emails. Malware engineers disguise them as links or as harmless downloadable files which dupe employees into downloading them on your system. The best method of trojan virus removal is for spam, which serve as vehicles for malware, to never enter your employees’ inboxes in the first place. Xcitium Antispam provides a layered and robust security solution against spam and will sync well with the Xcitium Forensic Analysis Tool.

When you download and use the Xcitium Forensic Analysis Malware Scan, you are ensuring the protection of your home or office network. The most dangerous threats are out there and cybercriminals spawn newer and newer strains of them every single day. Get Xcitium Xcitium Forensic Analysis Malware Scan and sleep better knowing you have the means to spot a threat lingering in your system before it blooms into a bigger problem for you and your company.

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