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Complete Website and Web Application Security

Xcitium cWatch Web Security Service is a comprehensive solution for web application security that follows the security as a service delivery model, includes follow the sun monitoring, and is tuned to detect threats before they can affect your website, databases, or critical web applications.

Only cWatch combines a fully managed service that includes Web Server, database, and application monitoring with operating system and environmental logging and control.

cWatch Website Security

cWatch Platform

cWatch Website Security, part of the cWatch Breach Prevention and Compliance Platform, brings web application security to the next
level by providing a managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) service designed from the ground up to monitor all of your critical business websites and applications, as well as the underlying operating systems.

cWatch Website Security Advanced Detection

Advanced Detection

Thanks to advanced detection capabilities, including static, dynamic, and expert human analysis and machine learning, cWatch Web
Security is able to provide comprehensive web application security on premises and in hosted and cloud environments, all without the risk of latency and slow down.

cWatch Website Security Server Monitoring

Full Server Environment Monitoring

cWatch Web provides visibility into the Web server or application, but also to any middleware applications, database access, configuration changes, server authentication, security logs,
anomaly detection, etc.

cWatch Website Security Threat Research Labs

Your Very Own Threat Research Lab

cWatch Web Security is a fully managed service. Xcitium Threat Research Labs (CTRL) provides cWatch clients with incident response and alerting, as well as immediate protection from emerging threats by developing handcrafted security policies and signatures for your web site and applications.

Let us show you how Xcitium cWatch Web Security can supply your organization with exactly the intelligence, response, and remediation advice you need to keep your data and systems secure.

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