Device Control

25 Oct, 2022 1772 Views
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Integrated with Xcitium AEP is the IT and Security Manager (ITSM) that delivers management tools for security policy management and deep visibility into the security posture and health of your enterprise endpoints. ITSM device and inventory management capabilities allow for the remote provisioning, configuration, and control of Android, iOS, Mac and Windows based devices—from a single pane of glass. This includes tasks such as, restricting what a user can do on corporate-owned devices, remotely wiping devices and locking down hardware and ports. Part of the AEP solution, ITSM delivers complete centralized management and control over all of your organization’s endpoints.

Device Control and Policy Management

External device control

Remove the thumb drive infection vector and/or control any other hardware class

Application visibility and control

Know and control what is running on your endpoints Device Control

Mobile device management

Control the features your mobile workforce has access to

Automatic discovery and inventory management

Provides easy on-boarding of devices

Support for BYOD

Separate out personal from business, all in one device

Granular control over security profiles and OS Patching

Keep endpoints safe and up-to-date

Cloud based administration

Administration from anywhere, anytime

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