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Computer these days have been a precious commodity to people living in the metro. Which is why the computer is also the favorite target of criminals to attack. It is essential to be informed on how do you know if you have ransomware on your system. That way, you’ll be able to protect your system better against these attacks.

There are many ways on how do you know if you have ransomware on your system. You just have to investigate carefully and observe the behaviors of your computer. It is ok to be suspicious when it comes to securing your system rather than being too lax and sorry in the end.

How do you know if you have ransomware

Art of Finding Ransomware

Ransomware is a more advanced kind of malware. It could encrypt your data in background without even noticing its process. But there are ways on how do you know if you have ransomware on your system.

Abnormalities in Extension Files

The presence of a ransomware could produce an abnormal change on the file extensions of your data. It is a common behavior for a ransomware to change file extensions and encrypt these files. One good example is when your video file is supposed to be in “mp4” format but the extension became a set of unknown characters, then there is a big chance of being infected with ransomware already.

Many File Renames

Usually, you know what file name you have assigned to a specific file or document. But when that file has its name changed and no one has changed it. There is a big possibility that your system has been compromised and could be infected with ransomware. Ransomware has the capability of renaming all the files it had contaminated. It would be a great help on how do you know if you have ransomware on your system. So, regularly check your data for file renames.

Use of Dummy Network

Another way of identifying the presence of a ransomware is by establishing a decoy network. Through this method, you will create a network with shared storages that contains random small-sized files. It is also important to use a low-rpm type of hard disk in doing this setup. That way, it is very hard for the ransomware to encrypt those files. It will give a good signal indicator if a ransomware is present on your network. At the same time, it could moderate the spread of the infection to your local network.

Firewall with Exploit Kit

If you are capable of investing in your security. It would be a great asset for you on how do you know if you have ransomware if you can acquire a Next-generation firewalls(NGFW). This kind of firewall can detect ransomware present in your system. It will guide on how do you know if you have ransomware by its feature called exploit kit. This exploit kit can carefully check your network traffic, scan your emails including its attachments and identify if there is a presence of a ransomware on your system.

Employ Security Software

One of the most powerful way to determine how do you know if you have ransomware is to have a security software installed on your computer. A branded security software has the capacity to detect any strains of ransomware on your system. It could also decrypt all encrypted files made by the ransomware. One good feature of a security software is that it runs at the back end of the computer and doesn’t affect your current activities.

It is not that easy to maintain a secure system but with the proper care, it can be achieved. The threats of ransomware are always there and very hard to avoid, but with the right security, you can easily manage these threats. Make sure that your operating systems, browser software, and other plugins are properly patched and updated. Be cautious in clicking something while browsing the internet to make your system safe from any infiltrations of ransomware. Always remember that by having the proper education on how do you know if you have ransomware are the best weapon against these threats of ransomware.

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