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Ransomware is a strain of malware that blocks a user from the computer or mobile devices. It could also encrypt your data and then it will demand for a ransom fee for users regain accessibility. Many were fooled by this¬†ransomware¬†because in some cases it displayed a logo of law enforcement agency. Others think that this is ransomware legal. In reality, no law enforcement agency would lock computers, threats individual, and demand to pay money. If that thing happen, your need to report to proper authorities and don’t think that is ransomware legal.

Is Ransomware Legal

What are the legal implications of a ransomware attack?: Determine How Ransomware Became Illegal

It is Not Because It Can Encrypt Your Data

When there is a ransomware intrusion in your computer, it will gather all the important information inside the computer and encrypt them al what does the law say about ransomwarel. The ransomware is capable of encrypting all kinds of file format. When confused, about whether Is ransomware legal or not, it is not, because no legal software will ever encrypt your computer files without your permission ransomware law.

It is Not Because It Can Tamper Your Data Inside

If you end up being a victim of ransomware, it will change the file names of your data. It will rearrange your file names to make it more confusing to identify which files are infected by the strains of what the law says about ransomware.

It is Not Because It Threatens You With a Ransom Message

A ransomware inside a computer always leave a ransom message to threat a victim. This way, you will be forced to pay the amount in return of your data. This ransom threat could cost you a lot of stress. And it is not legal to threat someone and asks for a money in exchange of a hacked computer.

It is Not Because It Demands a Payment in Bitcoin

A ransomware is considered to be illegal because aside from capturing your data in the computer, it will demand you to pay a ransom fee. The added burden to victim is that, it asks for a payment using Bitcoins. This is how the cyber-criminals hide from the authorities. They prefer to use cryptocurrencies because it is hard to trace the transactions in cryptocurrencies.

It is Not Because It Will Use Your PC as Part of Botnets

Once a computer is infected with ransomware, it make use of all the hardware resources of that computer and make it as part of a Botnet. A botnet is a compilation of all internet-connected devices, it could be a PC, a server, or a mobile device bound together by malware and commanded by a hacker. They use the combined power of all botnets to launch more attacks.

It is Not Because It Will Infect Other PC In The Network

After the ransomware infected a computer, the following step is to infect other computers that is also connected in the same network. The hacked computers will be added to the resources of the botnets.

It is Not Because It Will Get Your Data

Another illegal activity done by a ransomware is to get all your important data. Your private pictures or videos inside your computer might be posted in a public website. You probably don’t want that to happen. User accounts and passwords will be viewed in public because of this ransomware.

How To Defend Yourselves

Reinstall And Restore From Backup

If you end being a ransomware victim, you can re-install your system and restore your data. Just make sure that you have a copy of good backup of your important files. This way, you can restore your system safely and free from any strains of ransomware. This is where the importance of doing a regular backup should take place. If you have a backup- through software or manual, you will not be afraid to these attacks.

Use Decryption Tool

When you have been infected by ransomware, you can remove this with the help of decryption tools. These tools are downloadable on the internet and you can choose different makers. The important thing to remember is to make sure that your downloaded copy comes from a legitimate site.

Is Ransomware Legal Conclusion

To answer the question, is ransomware legal or not? It is not. The sad truth is that it is tough to prosecute the cyber-criminals. Therefore, the best way to protect yourself against these attacks is to have security software as your primary defense. It is your accountability to protect your data and be safe from these ransomware attacks.

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