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Traditional antivirus and endpoint security tools are components of a cyber defense technique. They are not foolproof in identifying malware. Organizations can compliment malware analysis tools and intrusion prevention systems. Some organizations turn to the online malware analysis sandbox. It is often offered as a premium module from their current security providers.

Enterprise Xcitium Online Malware Analysis Sandbox

An online malware analysis sandbox looks at a malicious file or link. The malicious file is in a protected environment before the end user opens it. An online malware analysis sandbox executes the file and sees what it attempts to do. There is some suspicious behavior like reaching remote servers to attempt payload download. Sometimes, malicious files are contacting a command-and-control server. It would then be able for examination by the online malware analysis sandbox.

There is more developed malware such as multi-stage malware. It uses zero-day vulnerabilities. Multi-stage malware can influence online malware analysis sandbox and infect the victim machine. This advanced kind of malware is often deployed by advanced organized crime groups. They break into organizations with traditional defenses. Their standard delivery strategy is by means of an email phishing attack.

The file or link is only delivered to the user if it is safe. This online malware analysis sandbox is usually a virtual machine. It is independent of the organization’s network. It guarantees the malware cannot spread to the network.

Analyzing files by means of online malware analysis sandbox can block zero-day malware. Especially those that are not seen by antivirus tools. An online malware analysis sandbox is able to look at the behavior of the malware. It is not relying on signature-based detection.

The benefit of online malware analysis sandbox on your network is scalability. It enables to increase or decrease the number of files and links it can investigate. Online malware analysis sandbox also removes the overhead of updating the appliance yourself. Online malware analysis sandbox gives easier coverage of remote offices.

An effective online malware analysis sandbox needs to support different highlights. For example, the capacity to check traffic encrypted using SSL. This is a typical strategy used by malware creators to attempt to avoid detection.

Online malware analysis sandbox also needs to be able to work inline. It blocks or quarantines based on user-defined policies. It’s an advantage, as well. The online malware analysis sandbox can take advantage of information from other users. It shares data on threats so that any organization using the system can recognize the risk.

The online malware analysis sandbox has driven malware to fingerprint the machine. If the malware identifies a hypervisor, it terminates itself. This is to prevent examination by the online malware analysis sandbox. More advanced online malware analysis sandbox is able to defeat these avoidance systems. It is by making the fingerprint of the virtual machine to seem like it is running on bare metal. Thus, it deceives the malware into executing as though it reached the victim machine.

An online malware analysis sandbox is a helpful addition to an organization’s defense. It is a vital component of an in-depth malware analysis system. An online malware analysis sandbox is a powerful technique for detecting zero-day malware.

Xcitium Forensic Analysis uses the award-winning Default Deny platform. The forensic analysis service is a piece of Xcitium Cybersecurity’s Advanced Endpoint Protection. Xcitium Forensic Analysis does not enable files to execute on endpoints. It is as opposed to other security solutions. Xcitium Forensic Analysis does not rely upon known bad file indicators. An all-out forensic analysis results in a positive or negative decision on each file.

Xcitium Forensic Analysis’ innovation shields unknown files from executing with automatic containment. It identifies every one of the files as good or bad. Xcitium Forensic Analysis ensures that it is without any unknowns. It includes already unfamiliar malware. The result is a true deterministic choice.

The executive summary gives information on the risks revealed by Xcitium Forensic Analysis. It gives actionable results. This evaluation gives IT security specialists the precise information they need. Xcitium Forensic Analysis will help in protecting their environments from advanced persistent threats.

Xcitium Cybersecurity is a worldwide pioneer and developer of cybersecurity solutions. Xcitium Cybersecurity helps in the fight against digital attacks. It is doing this by building up a free forensic analysis service for organizations.

Xcitium Forensic Analysis can enable organizations to discover undetected and unknown malware. Malicious software could cause serious cybersecurity issues. Xcitium Forensic Analysis analyses unknown ones. It decides if they are good or bad.

Xcitium Forensic Analysis flaunts an industry-leading platform. This forensic analysis can analyze all files. Xcitium Forensic Analysis enables organizations to uncover unknown malware in their environments. Xcitium Cybersecurity is offering this forensic analysis free to them. This will enable organizations to see the power of Default Deny innovation.

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