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21 Oct, 2022 761 Views
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A lot of individuals now are using mobile devices compared to computers. Alongside with it is the demand of having a true security for your personal data inside your mobile devices. You know that your phone is even more susceptible to mOnline Mobile Scan Tools alware that your computer and would require to use an online mobile scan tools to protect your phone. Like what you do in most cases that you need to scan computers, you also need to regularly scan your mobile devices.

If you have problems with your computers, laptop or smart devices, you might be infected with a virus and would require you to use an online mobile scan like what you do to scan computers. If the online mobile scan detects a virus, trojan, malware on your mobile devices, it will be removed immediately. But it would be helpful to get familiarized with the different kinds of mobile threats you may detect during your online mobile scan like what you do when you scan computers.

Online Mobile Scan: Common Types Of Mobile Threats

If you are familiar with online security, you know that your mobile devices are more susceptible to threats than your regular computer. Once your phone gets hacked, the hack is not only confined to your phone. It could spread since it is connected to a wireless network. There is a big possibility of infecting the other computers especially if they don’t scan computers or the other mobile devices doesn’t use online mobile scan. Below are some of the common threats you may encounter for your mobile devices.

Madware and Spyware

Madware is the short term used for mobile adware. You may encounter this once you’ve used an online mobile scan. This is a script install on your mobile phone, often without your consent. It collects your personal data for the purpose of advertising to you. The scarier part is the spyware that is bundled with this software. The spyware collects data about you based on your internet activities and transmits it to a third-party and data for advertising. If you were not able to use an online mobile scan like what you do when you scan computers, it will collect even your contact lists.

Viruses and Trojans

Viruses and Trojans¬†aren’t just a big issue for laptops and desktop computers. If you do not use an online mobile scan like what you do to scan computers, you might fall into its traps. They can also impact your mobile devices as well. They can hijack your mobile and along with it your banking details. They may also send tons of premium text messages that may cost you to spend a big amount of cash.

Drive-by Downloads

Drive-by downloads refer to any malware that is installed to a computer without the knowledge of the victim. You might be a victim of this if you visit a wrong website or open wrong email attachments. You will need to use an online mobile scan to address this issue like on what you do if you scan computers.

Browser Exploits

Browser exploits usually take advantage of all known security flaws on your mobile browser. Since most mobile browsers are created imperfect, they are prone to vulnerabilities. You will need to use online mobile scan tools if you are infected by a virus through this like what you are doing if you scan computers.

Phishing Apps

Phishing Apps can be detected if you use an online mobile scan tool like what you do when you scan computers. These apps are designed to look like the real thing that uses the information that you input. The smaller screen of a mobile device can make it difficult to tell the real thing and the phishing app.

Online Mobile Scan: Tools You May Use

If you’re already tired of installing and uninstalling virus scanners on your mobile devices. You’ll be able to take advantage of the online mobile scan tools to scan your phones like what you use after you scan computers. Xcitium Here are some of the tools you might use.

Doctor Web

Doctor Web is an online mobile scan tool you can use for free. It is a good online scanner and a malware cleaner.

ESET Online Scanner

ESET Online Scanner is also an online mobile scan tool used as a virus scanner which doesn’t require an installation on your part.


VirusTotal is an online mobile scan tool you may also try in scanning viruses on your mobiles devices.

Kaspersky Online Scanner

Kaspersky Online Scanner is another online mobile scan tool you may use to scan your mobile devices.


VirScan is a one-time online mobile scan tool you may utilize to scan your mobile devices.


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