Scan My PC Online Or Use Local Antivirus

21 Oct, 2022 196 Views
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 Scan My PC Online
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There is a growing demand for computer users and increasing demand of online users. Securing the system is one of the priorities in maintaining these systems. That is why I now need to scan my PC online aside from having a locally installed antivirus inside. This is part of making sure that the system is protected against the growing number of threats over the web. Every day, there are new variants of viruses and malware are developed. Cybercriminals are eager to develop and innovate because they are earning big amounts of cash in this industry.

Nowadays, security companies are providing online software for users to protect the systems. It would be our own responsibility to take care and protect our own systems. I need to scan my PC online to make sure that I get the right updates and no virus or malware would pass by my security software. If I scan my PC online, I get a lot of benefits from it that I would not be getting if I scan computers using local antivirus.

Advantage Of Online Antivirus Scan

Here are some of the benefits if I scan my PC online.

I can enjoy the free services of the antivirus when I scan my PC online. I don’t need to spend big amount if I want to scan computers if I scan my PC online.

I am assured that it is the latest virus scanner that I am using if I scan my PC online. Whenever I scan computers, I don’t have to worry about the latest updates of virus signatures. Most of the online servers are always updated on the latest virus definitions.

I will have only one choice to download for Windows compared to online software and scan my PC online If I will be downloading the antivirus on my PC.  Online scanning can be done with the assistance of multiple sets of servers. I will have no limit of options, I can choose different antivirus that I want if I scan computers.

When the virus infection become serious and it disabled the installed antivirus, the only option I will have is to scan my PC online and use the resources of online antivirus.  With the help of online antivirus, I can scan computers properly.

It is beneficial if I scan my PC online because I can do whenever I want to update the system with the latest changes. I will have no problem with the updates and the compatibilities issues of the software. I am assured that it was tested on the online server, and the software is already furnished If I will use it and scan computers.

Disadvantages Of Online Antivirus Scan

Sometimes, it is not always efficient for everybody to use the online antivirus because of some difficulties. Here are some of the reasons why it is not good to use online antivirus if I want to scan my PC online.

The major requirement if I want to scan my PC online is the stability of my internet connection. I cannot scan my PC online if I don’t have internet or the connection is bad. This is one of the main disadvantages if I scan computers using online antivirus.

If I want to scan my PC online, I have to make sure that the web browser is supported by the online antivirus. Mostly scanners need the particular browser to be available on the computer. I have to check the software compatibilities before I scan computers.

It could consume a lot of time to check the system, check the compatibilities if I want to scan my PC online. Viruses may already spread and affect the computer badly before I was able to scan computers.

When I scan my PC online I might have a problem with the online software. It is not a permanent software for the computer as when it scanned online then I can assure myself that my system is safe. Once it is away from the online antivirus, the chances of attracting the viruses and malware are there again.

Preventing To Be Infected

It really difficult to know when a virus will attack the system. The best way to protect my system is to use online software to scan my PC online and support this with a locally installed antivirus. This way, I will be assured that no viruses and malware would pass by my security and infect my computer.

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