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Good Malware Removal for PC Malware can hit a computer without a warning. It could be installed either through a phishing email, a phishing URL, or fake software. So it is important to have a good malware removal for PC to detect and remove any malicious software. However, if malware infects your computer, there are ways to scan and remove malware using good malware removal for PC.


Method #1 – Google Chrome

Google Chrome is not just a fast and reliable browser. It is also a good malware detection tool. Only a few people know that Google Chrome can scan your PC for malware. The malware scanning process on Google Chrome is supported by ESET, one of the reputable IT security companies. Here’s how to detect malware using Google Chrome:

  1. Click on the three dots on the upper right-hand side of Google Chrome.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Click on Advanced.
  4. Then click on clean up computer at the very bottom of the page.
  5. Click on Find.

Google Chrome will start scanning the computer for malware. The scanning may take awhile as it scans the entire computer not just for viruses, but also for unwanted apps. That’s one good malware removal for PC.

Method #2 – Clearing the Temporary Files

Clearing the temporary files is also a good malware removal for PC. The temp folder becomes the common hideout of malware in the computer due to its loose security. Deleting the temp files will get rid of malware immediately.

  1. %temp% in the Windows search bar.
  2. Delete the temporary files.

With the temporary files deleted, you can now perform a full malware scan on the computer using a good malware removal for PC or virus removal tool.

Method #3 – Using Xcitium Anti Malware

Xcitium Anti Malware is a good malware removal for PC. It protects the computer from spyware, trojanrootkitkeyloggers, and adware. Xcitium virus removal tool never interrupts your computer activities. It monitors your computer against threats in the background, making it a good malware removal for PC. So how to scan your PC using Xcitium Anti Malware?

  1. Download Xcitium Anti Malware.
  2. Click on install.
  3. Follow the prompts on screen to finish the installation.
  4. Once the interface opens, click on scan.
  5. Xcitium Anti Malware will scan the computer for malware.

When the scanning process is finished, the virus removal tool will display the threats detected and removed them from the computer. That should eliminate any malware lurking in the computer.


In an organization, the malware prevention strategy is different. A business network is accessed by many endpoint devices that can serve as an entry point of malware. Therefore, advanced endpoint protection is essential.

A business network without endpoint protection will be at risk of the following:

Fileless Malware Attacks

Fileless malware infects the computer memory and registry. If the endpoint device is unprotected, fileless malware can infect the device when the user opens a phishing email or URL.

Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is widely used by hackers to hack employees’ devices. If one of the endpoints gets infected, the confidential information may get compromised.

Ransomware Infections

Ransomware encrypts valuable files and data. It also travels within the network. Once ransomware infects an endpoint device, other devices connected to the network will also be at risk of ransomware infections.


Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection offers multi-layered security dedicated to protecting endpoint devices. It is a new generation security solution that combats advanced cyber attacks. What are the benefits of Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection?

Ransomware Protection

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection was named the Best Ransomware Protection in the 2018 Cyber Excellence Award. It uses a virtual container built upon a Default Deny technology to detect ransomware when it reaches the computer. That makes it a good malware removal for PC or an employee’s endpoint.

Fileless Malware Prevention

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection prevents fileless malware attacks using HIPS. It ensures the protection the computer memory and registry against fileless malware. It also monitors the keyboard and file system against direct access.

Spear Phishing Protection

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection detects a phishing email in no time. By monitoring network traffic and collecting IP information, spear phishing is instantly detected.

Drive-by-Downloads Detection

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protections also detects malware installation in the background. The malicious file is contained and destroyed in the Auto-Containment.

Zero-Day Malware Protection

Equipped with a sandbox-based technology, Heuristics, and class packet filtering firewall, Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection prevents zero-day malware from infecting the network.

If you download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection today, it will scan the entire network and the endpoint devices for malware. That will identify any threat lurking in your network without your knowledge. It is a good malware removal for PC and endpoints. Click here to download.

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