How Do You Get Trojan Virus?

21 Oct, 2022 1328 Views
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how do you get trojan virus

When you try to explain an intensive cybersecurity protection system to people, they might not immediately understand how they contracted Trojan viruses, viruses, and worms. Yet it’s not too late to educate them so they’ll learn from their mistakes. They should learn to weigh the feature of their tools and strengthen their cybersecurity planning even more.

How Do You Get Trojan Virus: Trojan Horse Virus Definition

Cybercriminals made the Trojan horse virus as a fake program that’s named after the wooden horse. It pretends to be a legitimate software or a file to avoid catching your attention. Usually, cybercriminals trick you to download this file. Because of that, it has enough opportunity to harm your computer than you expected. The damage can go from changed security settings, deleted files, stolen data, and virus infection. Malicious users get an access to the system through the use of Trojan horse because it can create backdoors.

How Do You Get Trojan Virus: The 5 Ways to Get Trojan Virus

There are plenty of stealthy ways to inject a Trojan horse virus into someone’s computer. A cybercriminal can even hit it big when it penetrates a reputable company’s computer through these 5 different ways:

Downloading a Game Through P2P Networks

A Trojan horse virus pretends to be a legitimate program. In that case, a Trojan horse virus can take the form of a free gaming software. Sharing illegal game downloads through peer-to-peer networks is a sure way to get a Trojan horse virus as it exploits your desire to get a licensed game for free.

Messaging Apps and Programs

Messaging apps and programs can send files and images which can be easily exploited by the hackers. The hacker poses as someone you know and sends you, let’s say, a selfie. When you open the file, it will infect the system with a Trojan horse virus.

Phishing Attacks

Hackers prefer this method to insert a Trojan horse virus on a computer. The hacker will spam thousands of authentic-looking emails to anyone. When the recipient opens the email attachment, it will infect the computer immediately.

Social Engineering

A trojan horse virus author uses the method of social engineering to ploy victims. The victims are deceived to click, download, or open a file that’s supposed to be legitimate. Hence, be wary of anything you receive online. It’s a good measure to have an Internet security software available all the time.

Web Browser Exploits

Browser vulnerabilities can also be a way for a Trojan horse virus to get into the computer. For an instance, the websites can carry Trojan horse viruses that can infect other websites and transfer the infection to a computer. Though, this scenario needs a user’s action to become successfully executed which involves downloading and running the downloaded program or plug-in.

What to Do with the Trojan Horse?

Prevention and a right amount of education can cure any problem. Observe these steps for a better security against Trojan horse virus or any other computer threat:

Software Update

Keep your antivirus and other security software up-to-date all the time. There are plenty of updates that can avoid newly found threats which can improve security. An expired antivirus can just let a virus easily into the computer.

A Downloaded File Slowed Down the Computer

If you clicked or downloaded anything from the Internet, observe your computer if it slows down right away.  That’s a hint there’s something’s wrong.

Disable and Unplug

A Trojan virus can still travel through wireless devices and network cables.

Change Passwords Regularly

If you’re a fan of using online banking and online shopping, you must always change your passwords regularly. Cybercriminals always target passwords as it is a gateway to your accounts. Just be careful, changing passwords on infected computers can still result in hacking.

How Do You Get Trojan Virus: Giving Concrete Solutions

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