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A trojan horse is a stealthy malware that we definitely don’t want getting into our computer. It serves as a doorway for more dangerous malware, and itoverwrites and deletes critical data without your permission. In this article, we’ll discuss the important question, “How does a trojan horse virus infect the computer?” This way, you can take preventive measures and avoid falling victim to trojan horse attacks.

how does a torjan horse virus infect a computer



Method 1. Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is one of the most common ways to get a trojan horse. Hackers spread fake emails on the internet and sometimes send them to specific users.

Spear phishing is the leading cause of malware infections. It installs a trojan horse silently in the background when the user downloads the malicious attachment.

Method 2. System Vulnerabilities

A trojan horse can also be injected through a system vulnerability. Hackers use a tool designed specifically to scan IoT devices and web browsers for system vulnerabilities. It inserts not only a trojan horse but also other types of malware on vulnerable devices and browsers.

Method 3. Fake Software

A trojan horse is commonly known for pretending to be legitimate software. It disguises itself as a useful application on different websites to lure in victims.

Once installed, the trojan horse works silently in the background. It can alter computer security settings, overwrite data, and create backdoor access for hackers.

Method 4. Phishing URLs

A phishing URL also contributes to trojan horse infections. It opens a malicious website and provides malware-infected software. A phishing URL promises cracked software or cheat downloads to trick users.

Method 5. Malvertising

The trojan horse can also be installed through malvertising. This form of malicious advertising is designed to install a trojan on computers and smartphones in the background.

Those are the common methods on how to get a trojan horse. To prevent such an infection, take cautions on the internet. In the next section, we’ll discuss effective ways to prevent trojan attacks.


Now that you know the answer to, “How does a trojan horse virus infect the computer?”, here are a few tips on how to prevent a trojan horse from getting into your computer in the first place.

Avoid Opening Suspicious Emails

Since spear phishing is the leading cause of malware infections, refusing to open emails from an anonymous sender will help you avoid falling victim to a trojan horse attack. If the email encourages you to take immediate action, it’s more likely spear phishing. Delete it. Opening the email alone, even without downloading the attachment, can install a trojan horse silently on your computer.

Install Patch Management

If you want to ensure that your software is up to date, install patch management on your computer. It looks for software updates for your operating system and notifies you when new versions are ready for download.

Installing patch management software is beneficial because it patches system vulnerabilities and fixes bugs, thus ensuring that your computer is secure from exploits and cyber attacks, so you don’t have to worry how does a trojan horse virus infect the computer. With patch management, you can download and install software updates more easily.

Scan URLs

We mentioned above that a phishing URL contributes to trojan horse infections. It is important to verify first if the link is safe or malicious. Scanning the URL verifies the reputation of the website and helps you become aware of potential threats the website contains so you can avoid if and how does a trojan horse virus infect the computer.

There are free website scanners you can use, such as Xcitium Website Inspector. Just copy and paste the URL into the website scanner, and it will scan the website.

Avoid Download Crack Software

A trojan horse often pretends to be legitimate software, which again, is partly how does a trojan horse virus infect the computer. It can easily disguise itself as a cracked version of software. Hackers may also simply embed a trojan horse in cracked software. It is important to download applications from trusted publishers only. Otherwise, you may fall victim to a trojan horse attack.

Install Anti Malware Software

Lastly for ultimate trojan virus removal, install anti malware on your device. There’s anti malware software designed for personal computers, smartphones, and endpoint devices. It is the best tool to prevent varieties of malware threats.

The anti malware software can detect a trojan horse disguised as fake software, attached to spam, and an installation that occured in the background. Installing anti malware will keep your files and data secure, so it is advisable to install it immediately.


One of the best ways to prevent a trojan horse infection is knowing how does a trojan horse virus infect the computer. It helps you become aware of the possible sources of a trojan horse infection. Also, remember to install trusted anti malware software on your computer for complete malware protection.




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