Protect your PC with the Best Ransomware Security Software

21 Oct, 2022 1112 Views
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Ransomware Attacks Proliferation

Best Ransomware Security Software
Ransomware attacks keep dominating the news. We hear they disrupt a healthcare or bank operation. It causes so much inconvenience to the users because the files become useless. Unless the files have been backed up, there is no other way to get them back but by paying the ransom.

Paying the ransom is risky because not everyone who pays can get their files back. You’ve probably heard or read the cybersecurity experts say not to pay the ransom because not all cybercriminals have the intention to restore your files. Those are just some of the issues you may encounter when Ransomware gets your files encrypted because you don’t have an anti ransomware security software installed on your device.

If ransomware can hit a computer with an anti malware software installed, how much more a computer without an anti ransomware security software installed? Hackers exploit a system vulnerability to inject ransomware, so never leave your device vulnerable.

Ransomware can encrypt data files in no time and it particularly targets files valuable to the user. It already has specific files to target, so when ransomware hits your computer, losing sensitive information is to be expected.

Preventing ransomware from ever hitting your computer is always the best because ransomware is difficult to remove. Especially now with the proliferation of fileless ransomware that can reside in the computer memory.

The user needs not to run an infected software anymore before the ransomware spreads in the computer. As soon as a phishing email or link is open, fileless ransomware goes straight to the RAM, then it writes its script there, scans the hard drive, and encrypts files.

Leaving the computer vulnerable by running outdated software and not installing an anti ransomware security software invites ransomware to your computer. Updating the software can be time-consuming but it’s one of the basic security measures that can be applied.

An anti ransomware security software is one of the best defenses against ransomware. Many security software promises to provide the best protection against ransomware. But out of much anti ransomware security software out there, which one to choose?

One of the things users can look for in an anti ransomware security software is its advanced protection against ransomware. It must have security features that can combat sophisticated ransomware. Especially now that the new age ransomware is far from ordinary.

We are never dealing with traditional ransomware any longer. Too, hackers assaults today are also more of hand-delivered. Attacks that take time with a higher rate of success, because they stake out a victim and tailor their attack.

The best anti ransomware security software must have multiple defenses against these kinds of attacks so that even if the attack gets past the first line of defense, it can never bypass the second line of defense no matter how intensive the attack is.

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So what is the most reliable ransomware security software today?

Ransomware Security Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection is one of the most reliable multi-layered security software today. It’s called the next-generation security solution because of its advanced features against today’s age cyber threats.

In fact, Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection was named The Best Ransomware Protection in the 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Award. It’s the furthest thing from conventional security software because its security features are specifically designed to combat sophisticated types of malware.

Auto-Containment is one of its advanced features that puts untrusted file access on hold the moment it enters the computer. The only time the file is released is when it’s confirmed safe. Auto-Containment is built on Default-Deny that denies any suspicious file access to the computer.

The file is run within a virtual container, using multiple recognizers, Auto-Containment can determine if the file is malicious or safe in no time. It’s not like the sandbox technology that allows suspicious files to run in the computer then contains it later when it turns out to be a threat. Prevention is its objective.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection also has HIPS or Host Intrusion Prevention System that combats fileless malware such fileless ransomware. So the computer memory and the registry are safe from unauthorized modification because HIPS it is constantly monitoring those parts of the operating system.

The moment fileless ransomware attempts to access the computer memory, HIPS blocks and deletes it. It is also the keyboard’s protection against direct access to keep the passwords safe from Keylogger. A type of malware that tracks and records the keys pressed on the keyboard.

Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection also has a packet filtering firewall that monitors the network traffic and guards the network against inbound and outbound threats. It prevents ransomware from traveling within the network. So the other devices connected to the network are safe from ransomware infection.

Download Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection now for free to protect your network and endpoint devices with the best anti ransomware security software.

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